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Dynamic Workforce Scheduling Software

Unparalleled Visibility & Control
Field Service Engineer Productivity
+7 levels of Scheduling

No gaps, no silos, no friction. Just more time.

Aeromark’s professional and knowledgeable in-house team will ensure you work smarter as your business grows


Unparalleled Visibility and Control

See your resources clearly, unlock new levels of productivity, and deliver the best customer experience, first time.


Field Service Engineer Productivity

Achieve the highest first-time fix rates and revenue per field service engineer, while eliminating mundane back-office processes.


+7 Levels of Scheduling

Multiple scheduling options combine with GPS vehicle tracking, service level, contract and skills data to create efficient job schedules and routes.

Dynamic workforce scheduling software

  • With optimised scheduling, your field service engineers are empowered to complete more jobs per day
  • Automatically suggests the best engineer based on skill, availability, and location to increase first time fix rates
  • Features 7 levels of scheduling from simple drag and drop, map-based and multi-intervention to fully automated, dynamic scheduling
  • Dynamic map based scheduling – click to build routes and optimise based on SLAs, promises and least cost routing
  • Automated job creation for planned servicing of assets, ensuring proactive service management
  • Live status updates and reallocation of ‘at risk’ jobs in danger of missing agreed arrival time

Total visibility. Total control.

Mobile workforce management with dynamic map based scheduling

  • Planners just click to build optimised routes
  • Route optimisation takes into account your individual customer's SLA and promised time to arrive.
  • Significantly reduces travel time, carbon emissions and costs
  • Less time spent on the road increases the number of jobs completed daily


How YO! Sushi provides fast response time to restaurants, more effective asset management and visibility of sub-contractor performance


Ensure customer promises are met

  • Routes optimised for most efficient schedule and travel time
  • GPS vehicle tracking linked to SLAs providing real-time status of jobs as the day progresses
  • Promise Time ensures that the promised appointment times are met, even if it overrides the contractual SLA, for maximum customer satisfaction
  • Live status updates allow jobs to be reallocated as the day progresses, ensuring SLAs always met

Advanced multi-intervention scheduling

Take planning efficiency to the next level

When reactive callouts are received, advanced multi-intervention scheduling identifies other planned and reactive maintenance work at, or near, the location, so engineers can complete them at the same time, cutting out multiple callouts to the same time; cutting out multiple callouts to the same site.  Engineers’ time is optimised, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions reduced, planning and scheduling is simpler – making you a more efficient team.

When reactive callouts are received, other jobs at the same location are flagged to be done at the same time, cutting out multiple callouts.


Find out how Greggs:

  • Increased productivity by 146% 
  • Now complete four extra jobs, per engineer, per day 
  • Lowered subcontractor costs  
  • Reduced travel time between sites 
  • Became a more efficient planning team 
  • Saved an estimated £1million per year 


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