Case study: Lantec

Lantec increase mobile workforce productivity


Industry Sector
ICT, Logistics

175 engineers

Key Drivers
  • A strategic organisational drive to modernise and streamline business processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Improve visibility of mobile workforce
  • Improve scheduling
  • Increase stock accuracy
Summary of Benefits
  • Single mobile workforce management supplier
  • Integrated tracking, scheduling, despatch, and PDA workflows
  • Easy analysis
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Significant cost reductions
  • Effective monitoring of SLAs
  • Improved accuracy of stock levels


Lantec undertook a strategic change of their operations protocol which led to a huge drive to modernise and streamline our business processes”.  

“We wanted to improve visibility of our mobile workforce as we previously relied on mobile phone calls to communicate with our engineers. There was also a requirement to improve our scheduling system by replacing our manual process with a mobile solution and increase our stock accuracy with a scanning solution that provides real-time updates to the central system”.

Tony Barr, IT Director at Lantec

Solution and Benefits

Following an extensive review of service management solutions, Lantec chose Aeromark. Other companies could provide only part of the solution we wanted.

Once we had seen how Aeromark’s innovative service management technology offered: a complete mobile workforce solution, integrated vehicle tracking, job scheduling, and dispatch. Combined with the ease and speed at which we could design, create, and deploy mobile PDA workflow applications using Workflow DynMX (mobile forms), the decision was automatic.

Crucially, all the data gathered by Aeromark’s software and Workflow DynMX can be analysed and easily viewed via the Aeromark Smartdash™ graphical reporting tool. This intelligent data will allow Lantec to have a complete picture of planned activity versus actual events that occur in the field enabling us to understand exactly how it can improve operational efficiency.

Aeromarks’s Smartdash enables Lantec to access real-time information such as what time an engineer left home for his first job, what time he arrived, how long he stayed and what action he took. Importantly, SmartDash also allows Lantec to monitor how much fuel is consumed by each of its vehicles and the resulting CO2 emitted.

“Additionally, our decision to roll out Aeromark’s technology was based on the considerable ROI it will deliver. Workflow DynMX enables the creation of our bespoke PDA workflows without the need for bespoke software development and so we have been able to deploy our mobile PDA applications very quickly, resulting in significant cost reductions when compared with competitive solutions. Aeromark provides us with the next level of GPS and location tracking technology, enabling us to monitor our service levels more effectively”.

“Aeromark will also deliver ROI by not only allowing us to understand where cost savings can be made, but through the retention of our existing clients and generation of new business opportunities,” added Barr.

As part of the Lantec complete mobile workforce solution, Aeromark is running its service management and mobile workflow solution on Opticon PDAs. “The integrated barcode scanning capability of the Opticon device has enabled us to replace our manual stock inventory process with a mobile solution that has helped to improve the accuracy levels of our stock management”, concluded Barr.

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