Mobile field service management

Empower your engineers with a game-changing mobile engineer app

Manage complex processes
Eliminate paperwork
Increase first-time fix rates

Intuitive and Efficient Mobile App for Field Service Engineers

Replace mundane processes and unnecessary paperwork with real-time end to end visibility at your engineer's fingertips


Managing the most complex business processes

Configured for compliance, certification and completions, Aeromark offers the ultimate in workflow flexibility to give you an app tailored to your exact requirements no matter how complex


Eliminates all service-related paperwork

Field Service is streamlined end-to-end, providing complete visibility and audit trail, from job survey to invoice. Engineers are guided through each step of their jobs, with real-time access to information at every stage


Highest first-time fix rates

Our customers deliver the highest first-time fix rates with dramatically increased productivity and lower costs


We identified Aeromark being the transformational product we were looking for to prepare us for growth in the next 10 years

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At your engineers' fingertips

  • Easy and intuitive application. Online and offline working
  • Work history, asset tracking, parts orders
  • Automatically created job sheets compliance certification, quotes photo capture, time on site, parts used, rates and customer signature
  • Photo, video and document attachments
  • Invoice as soon as job complete
  • Eliminates all service-related paperwork

Survey & Quote

Aeromark’s Survey workflow enables engineers to quickly and easily compile comprehensive survey of the job which can automatically produce a bill of materials, quotation, automatically price-checked parts. labour rates, and add additional labour resources required. Via their tablets, engineers compile a photographic record of key property information such as location of equipment and any issues on site. This forms part of the installation record and audit trail to provide a full understanding of what is involved. This information triggers an accurate quotation which is emailed to the customer and when accepted, a fixing list and Bill of Materials (BOM) are automatically raised on the system.


Automatically created job sheets

  • Job sheets are automatically created onsite including photo capture, time on site, parts used, rates and customer signature
  • This forms part of the service record and audit trail and facilitates your invoice process


Parts management

Should additional parts be required to complete the maintenance or repair, engineers can access supplier parts lists and initiate inventory orders.  Once the job is completed it passes to a commercial queue for review, or is automatically processed for approval and billing.  Productivity improvements are immediate and continually optimised.


Seamless Automated Processes

  • Surveys
  • Job costing
  • Quotations
  • Bill of materials
  • Compliance documentation
  • Commercial sign-off
  • Invoicing
Case study cover Flowrite

Today, thanks to Aeromark, Flowrite has one of the highest first-time fix rates in the industry. The system ensures engineers have the right details, every time.

Even the job sheets are created in real-time and are emailed as the engineer leaves the job.

Dan Hudson, Operations Director, Flowrite