Insight analytics

The visibility you need to make data-driven decisions

End-to-End Visibility of your Operational Performance

Analyse all the data collected across the platform to drive efficiency, develop best practices, and get real time feedback on underperformance so issues can proactively be resolved 


Monitor, Manage, Improve.

It’s essential to understand the costs, productivity and profitability of your jobs in order to be a strong, robust service business. Aeromark provides a range of reporting and analytics tools to provide insights for tactical and strategic operational improvement.

  • Wallboard for real-time KPI review
  • Smartdash for performance trend review and comparison
  • Advanced Analytics for detailed analysis of service performance
  • Excel reporting
  • Export to existing enterprise analytics

Using analytics to drive efficiency

  • Drill down to specific areas of compliance
  • Use comparative performance analysis for developing best practice and behaviours
  • Which of your jobs are most profitable?
  • What’s your first-time fix per job?
  • Are assets costing more to maintain than expected?
  • Are your service levels being met?
  • Where are the areas of underperformance, does this point to recruitment or subcontractor issues?
  • Can engineer productivity be improved?

Identify performance levels and root cause analysis

  • Turning data into knowledge and knowledge into insights
  • Turning insights into operational improvements
  • Monitoring the impact of process change on operational performance
  • Data cube is created using any captured parameters
  • Slice and dice the data for comparative analytics

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