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Optimise the Efficiency of your Fire & Security Workforce Management System

Transforming your Fire & Security Service Operation

Enter a new era of productivity, profit, and competitive advantage


Continuous Improvement

Every Aeromark customer achieves immediate and continuous improvements in efficiency. The UK’s leading fire and security provider increased productivity by 25% – you can too.


Increase number of jobs per day

Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness of your field service engineers; delivering more value, and the best customer experience, with out hiring more people.


Save time and money

Eliminate millions of routine tasks, spreadsheets, paper, manual touchpoints, inefficient job scheduling and unproductive workforce hours.


Optimise and automate

Achieve the highest first-time fix rates and revenue per field service engineer, while eliminating mundane back-office processes through dynamic optimisation of schedules and routes.


Mobile field service management

Powering a more productive mobile workforce with higher first-time fix rates, increased revenue per engineer and lower costs


End-to-end visibility

A single view of assets, servicing, contracts, warranties, inventory, price books, costs, labour rates, margin and invoicing.


Van Stock and Parts management

Real-time control of van, warehouse, reserved and site stock. Automated van stock management and replenishment


Improve compliance

Smart automated task and approval workflows ensure your team always deliver work to your quality and mandatory compliance standards.

Intuitive mobile app for field service engineers and subcontractors

Replace mundane processes and unnecessary paperwork with real-time end to end visibility at your engineer's fingertips

The Aeromark system has an integrated mobile app for both field service engineers and subcontractors, which will increase your first-time fix rate and reduce calls to and from the office so your back-office team can focus on other tasks.  

The mobile app can also automatically create job sheets, compliance certification, quotes, capture photographic evidence, log the time spent on site, parts used, rates applicable to the customer and a customer signature on job completion.  

The Aeromark solution also enables engineers to compile comprehensive surveys of a job quickly and easily, including a photographic record of key property information such as location of equipment and any issues on site. 

screenshot of mobile app


Productivity in the field has increased and by eliminating unnecessary manual tasks, more than one million pieces of paper have been removed from the business along with 15 million associated manual touch points.

Operations Director, Market Leader, Security and Fire Solutions


SECOM engineer fitting a security camera on a building exterior

SECOM achieves 25% productivity improvement with Aeromark’s real-time Service Management software

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If you are an enterprise fire and security service business with a significant number of engineers or subcontractors, or you have complex requirements that an 'off the shelf' product cannot solve, we have the perfect solution for you.

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