Wireless automated temperature monitoring

Self-install remote IoT temperature monitoring and control

Dramatically cut reactive maintenance and energy costs

Aeromark’s high performance cloud-based temperature monitoring system is rapidly deployed to improve equipment performance, reduce energy costs, and protect valuable stock 24/7.

  • Energy savings up to 40%
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Simple self-installation
  • Real-time visibility and sensor management
  • Limitless flexibility to expand sensor network

Ensure safety & compliance

Monitor temperature sensitive appliances, product and storage facilities in Food Service, Hospitality, Retail, Warehousing and Healthcare

Simple self installation

Our smart plug and play sensors are easy to setup by your onsite staff or maintenance team

Energy performance insights

Optimise heat and cooking performance. Predetermine equipment failure. Reduce energy use and emissions

Eliminate manual checks and costly waste

Make profitable improvements to your operation through cost reduction, increasing efficiency and reducing stock loss

Remotely identify and fix faults early

Real-time data and alerts ensure equipment is maintained at safe, energy efficient temperatures


The temperature monitoring system you can install yourself

  • Self-install, plug and play simplicity
  • No engineer installs or surveys required
  • Smart wireless sensors are set up in minutes
  • Unlimited multi-sensor support
  • Automatic data recording and seamless transfer to the cloud

The only solution that gives you complete sensor management control

  • Comprehensive visual overview of your sensor network.
  • At-a-glance view of your assets and any performing outside the required parameters.
  • Remotely track and manage sensor performance from any location.
  • Set the temperature measurement for each sensor.

Energy savings up to 40%

Big savings on energy and reactive maintenance costs

Did you know that failing equipment, and running equipment colder or buildings warmer, by just a few degrees, can cost you thousands in unnecessary energy consumption each year?   Aeromark’s temperature monitoring system quickly pays for itself.  Improving the efficiency of refrigeration systems, dramatically reducing reactive maintenance costs, and cutting energy consumption up to 40%.

We provide the technology to maintain optimum temperature performance, reduce the excessive energy consumption of cooling and defrost cycles, and detect patterns of energy use that point to failing equipment.

Food Safety Management


Keeping you compliant with regulatory requirements such as HACCP

Aeromark’s leading edge wireless Automated Temperature Monitoring system monitors your cold rooms, chilled cabinets, refrigerators, freezers and hot food cabinets, continuously, 24 x7. Now you can eliminate all manual temperature checks, human error, reduce costs and equipment failure to ensure you meet food safety compliance with ease.

  • Temperature sensing from -80°C to +90°C
  • Average, Max and Min temperatures
  • Sensors monitor and report Simulated Food Temperature
  • Sends time-stamped readings to the cloud
  • Ensures continuous records for audit and review

The intelligent multi-function hub

  • Interactive visual display of sensor readings and alerts
  • Visually and audibly see sensors are working without logging into the portal
  • Onsite override enables alarms to be reset from the hub
  • One hub can support 500 sensors

Sub-contractor monitoring with Smart-time function

  • Subcontractor attendance is recorded on arrival and departure via the Hub
  • Auto-generated 5 digit codes logged by the subcontractor along with the QR code verify times/length of attendance on site
  • Smart Phone scanning via the Aeromark portal or Service Management App enables seamless integration with jobs sheets and reporting. Codes are also visually generated for manual recording

Proactive and Predictive Maintenance

More Effective Planned Maintenance

With Aeromark, your monitoring data can also be integrated as a seamless module with your Aeromark Service Management Platform for equipment monitoring, and to facilitate proactive and predictive maintenance. This takes the compliance burden away from your busy shop or restaurant team and delivers the peace of mind that any equipment issues will be identified and quickly dealt with.

  • Identify issues quickly to maintain food safety and avoid equipment failures
  • Keep temperature at optimum level to reduce cooling power consumption
  • Gain real-time, remote, multi-site visibility from any location
  • Comprehensive cloud reporting for analysis, audit trail and compliance records

Our experts are on hand to discuss your project

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