Interactive portals

Transform efficiency and customer experience with self-service interaction

Self-Serve Job Management
Reduce Demand on Help Desk
Seamless Visibility

Manage customer and subcontractor communication with ease



Complete Self-service Job Management

In a digital age we expect to self-serve
Allow your customers to raise and track their own support tickets
Automatically allocate work to subcontractors
Enable subcontractors to update status, submit costs, photos and complete documentation


Reduce help desk resources

No waiting for a call centre improves customer experience and frees-up help desk resources reducing costs through dramatically deflecting inbound calls and emails


Seamless visibility from start to finish

Give your customers and subcontractors access to real-time information, keeping them up to date with their job’s progress
Comprehensive oversight of jobs from creation, approval, certification and closure

Each of our customers and service partners are provided with their own bespoke portal providing access to our Aeromark system. This enables them to track all the activities on their portfolio and monitor the performance of their contracts 

Vicky Pluck, Service Director, Flowrite Services

Bespoke self-service portals for clients, shops, landlords, staff and contractors

  • Simple and efficient for your service stakeholders to report issues and request engineer callouts
  • Allows them to track the progress of their job requests through to completion
  • Access documents and compliance certificates
  • Embed core behaviours of trust and visibility

Deliver a personal customer experience

  • Design the service experience around your customers’ needs
  • Provide your customers with instant access to job tracking information
  • Let them book and rebook the most convenient time slot
  • Notification updates – arrival time, engineer en route
  • Clear progress bar
  • Access to customer support

Create a transparent service relationship with your customers

  • Share live job status and performance information
  • Build transparent cost and revenue models
  • Allow customers to easily analyse work by asset and problem type

Sub-contractor portals

Manage contractors like your own resource for improved operational efficiency, better control of costs, continuity of customer experience and adherence to you service levels.

Allocate work to your subcontractors and enable them to access the task details and full information about the job, asset and it’s service history.

Via the portal, your suncontractors provide informattion and costs to be applied to the job including details of the issue, photos, billable time and usage of parts.

  • Allocate and alert work directly to your subcontractors
  • Monitor subcontractor job progress and performance
  • Provide real-time access to job details and history

Client portals

Enable your customers to:

  • Create and manage their own jobs
  • Proactively plan maintenance and reschedule engineer callouts
  • Track their jobs progress
  • Access compliance documentation, such as gas safety certificates

Find out how Greggs:

  • Increased productivity by 146% 
  • Now complete four extra jobs, per engineer, per day 
  • Lowered subcontractor costs  
  • Reduced travel time between sites 
  • Became a more efficient planning team 
  • Saved an estimated £1million per year 



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