Van stock and parts management

Gain real-time control of van, warehouse, reserved and site-stock

Automate Stock Management
Ensure Accurate Billing
Increase First-time Fix Rates

Optimise your Parts Management Processes

Automate your stock management and parts ordering to ensure accurate billing, stock control and increased first time fix rates.


Effective parts management improves efficiency and profit

Effective parts management sits at the heart of an efficient field service operation. Eliminating manual processes reduces the human error that creates operational issues and increases costs in your supply chain. With Aeromark, automated processes for the management of inventory, orders, despatch, tracking, parts replenishment and parts returns, delivers significant productivity and cost saving benefits.

  • Improve job completions
  • Increase first-time fix rates
  • Minimise parts loss
  • Dramatically reduce administration

Eliminate inefficiency and avoidable costs

  • Real-time visibility of van, warehouse, reserved and site stock
  • Audit trail of parts ordered, collected, consumed and returned
  • Complete stock and inventory audit trail
  • Automated supplier price and availability checks
  • Rolling stock management process

Automate van stock management for high first-time fix rates and reduced stock loss

  • Effective stock management improves job completions
  • Van stock templates control what parts engineers hold on their vans
  • Van stock is driven by asset profile and the nature of your contracts, making it easy to adjust the number and combination of parts that vans need to hold
  • You can also automate van stock replenishment orders to your main suppliers, improving engineer efficiency and first-time fix rates

Make Parts Management, Purchasing and Job Scheduling a joined-up, seamless process

Parts management is at its most efficient when quotations, parts purchasing, job scheduling and billing are managed by a seamless joined up workflow; with automated processes for ordering, reserving, despatching and tracking stock for customer jobs.

  • Complete survey or parts request
  • Autogenerate quote or order
  • Order parts on acceptance
  • Create Bill of Materials and fixing lists
  • Confirm parts delivery
  • Schedule installation
  • Commission and complete
  • Add to asset database
  • Create planned maintenance schedule

For advice on how to improve your parts management process, book a call with one of our service management experts.


How to eliminate avoidable costs
in Parts Management

If your mission is to improve efficiency and be more profitable, then eliminating avoidable costs in parts management is key, but often overlooked.

  • Do you have a real-time view of stock in your warehouse, on-site, in engineers’ vans?
  • Do parts go missing?
  • Is the way you manage parts eroding your service levels and profit?

For advice on how to solve the challenges of parts management process, download our parts management guide.


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