Improve visibility of your field service resources

Integrated GPS guarantees efficiency, visibility and control

Turning data into knowledge

Aeromark’s Vehicle Tracking system works with our Service Management platform and its SLA, job and skill set data to ensure the most efficient allocation of your resources and enable you to deliver the best customer experience.

Robust, reliable technology

We were the first in the UK to develop and commercialise  GPS vehicle tracking. Our technology is smart and robust. Options for PDA tracking are available.

More jobs completed per day

Smart, optimised routes and schedules reduce overall operator costs and increase productivity, enabling your engineers to complete more jobs per day.

Track your vehicles, engineers and assets in real-time

  • GPS and SLA data drives the dynamic allocation and reallocation of jobs to engineers
  • Scheduled jobs trigger automatic vehicle arrival and departure times from job location
  • Complete visibility and control of your resources in real-time
  • Automatically generated timesheets – GPS records engineer start time, job arrival and depart times, shift end time
  • Notification and tracking customer portal – engineer location updated to customer portal. Real-time notification to customer of engineer arrival
  • Vehicle checks – automated management of DVSA vehicle checks
  • Driver behaviour – speeding, harsh breaking/acceleration
  • Fleet management module monitors MOT, SORN and service history
  • HMRC compliant

Pinpoint engineer location and job status

  • View route history, today’s route etc.
  • Business specific locations highlighted to provide more insight into daily activities and journeys
  • Private business mileage button captures private vehicle usage without location data
  • Route overlay

Reduce mileage per job

  • Significantly reduce operating costs through lower mileage and fuel costs
  • Analyse behaviour to identify root causes of increased average mileage
  • Reducing travel between jobs significantly increases the number of jobs completed, per engineer, daily

Street view

  • The “bird’s eye” view and/or “aerial” view offer a more detailed picture of your engineers’ whereabouts
  • Configure to show direction of travel and street names where required
  • User editable points of interest


Analyse to improve performance

  • Real-time and automated reports, vehicles start, stop, mileage, speed
  • Graphical trend reporting shows improved performance over time, and drill down to individual KPIs
  • Exception reports



Find out how Motivair achieved 40% service level improvement and 50% reduction in touchpoints

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Aeromark’s smart Service Management platform transforms the efficiency of service-based businesses. The Aeromark suite, including Service and Asset Management, Optimised Workforce Scheduling, Mobile Apps, GPS tracking, Interactive Portals, and Insight Analytics, provides one of the most comprehensive and powerful Field Service Management solutions available, delivering previously unattainable efficiency and customer experience improvements.


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