Case study: Arcus FM

Arcus FM improves service levels by 40%


Industry Sector
Facilities Management

1500 users

Key Drivers
  • Improve the management of the maintenance service to customers
  • Optimise productivity throughout the workforce, including engineers, planners and back office
  • Reduce costs
Summary of Benefits
  • Increased service levels by 40%
  • 50% reduction in touchpoints
  • Real-time visibility of service operation
  • Reduced fuel consumption with full route optimisation
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced costs


Arcus recognised improvements were needed to their maintenance system to allow them to improve productivity and utilise their service engineers more efficiently. They needed a system that would improve the maintenance service provided to their customers and optimise the productivity of their service and maintenance workforce.

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Solution and Benefits

Aeromark’s real-time service management system has provided Arcus’ maintenance team with a complete solution for managing the entire process of service delivery; from scheduling of reactive work, integrated mobile workflows driven by mobile apps, through to vehicle tracking.

This system allows Arcus’ administrative employees to have full visibility of engineers, enabling them to plan reactive jobs more efficiently. Since the deployment of Aeromark’s service management system, Arcus have a more streamlined, consistent approach to working and are able to send accurate customer data directly to the engineers mobile application.

In the first six months since implementation of Aeromark’s smart technology, not only has the cost base been optimised but the service levels delivered have improved by 40%.

Arcus’ investment in the Aeromark’s technology has enabled business process to be optimised and aligned with the best practice; resulting in 50% reduction in touch points, statutory paper records replaced with electronic documentation and delivered quantifiable savings in fuel and wasted time.


Arcus have championed a joint venture in Facilities Management, as they provide an end-to-end maintenance experience to support Sainsbury’s service supply chain.

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