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 Features at a glance

Your apps should be agile enough to change in line with your business processes and unlike our competitors we don’t charge for making those changes. If you’re looking for ePOD, field service apps or something more bespoke, we can help.

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Using Optimatics Mobile Apps to communicate with your field based teams ensures they always have the information they need instantly. Our easy to use mobile apps allow you to design and build your own forms, within minutes, for use on a range of mobile devices.

We also offer customised workflows configured to your business, to guide your employees through each stage of the job, to ensure that the correct information is gathered for completion of each job.

Mobile Apps – Features

  • Connects your external resources to the office
  • Real-time access to customer information
  • Designed to be agile for quick and easy changes
  • Automated data capture relating to time and attendance
  • Supports your field based staff in a variety of working conditions
  • Ongoing developments to the software means you will always be working on the latest version of mobile software
  • Data captured is sent directly to the office

Mobile Apps – Benefits

  • Supports your team in any situation
  • Works both offline and online
  • Compatible on a variety of devices; Always in line with your business processes
  • Improved productivity and efficiency; Increased employee job satisfaction
  • No professional service charge should you need to make changes
  • Integrates with numerous field service management softwares; Data is captured quicker; Removes paperwork
  • Speeds up invoicing

"Swale has seen considerable growth over the last 5 years and we recognised that we needed to invest in the very best software and mobile technology to prepare us for the next 10 years.
Following a market search, we identified Aeromark as being the transformational product we were looking for"

- Steve Parish, Chief Information Officer, Swale Heating

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"The system has some really clever technology especially related to parts sourcing. Once the Engineer has diagnosed the fault at the click of a button on their tablet the mobile app opens up an exploded diagram of the boiler, the part is identified and the app then sends the order to be automatically price and availability checked against all Wolseley UK depots. Depending on the travel time to fetch the part and the cost, the system seamlessly orders the part for immediate collection. We expect this feature alone to improve our first time fix rates considerably"

How does Mobile Apps work?

Optimatics Mobile apps allow you to automate data capture relating to time and attendance, risk assessments, vehicle checks, customer sign off and more, removing mundane, time consuming, expensive paperwork by giving your employees the tools to complete their job onsite more efficiently.

We understand your employees may have different requirements in terms of the device they need to carry out the job, which is why our web based software can be used on a wide range of devices. We believe that the device should be chosen based on functionality by your employees and we even offer sub-contractor solutions to help you deliver a seamless service to your customers.

Designed to support your field based staff in a variety of working conditions, our mobile apps work both offline and online allowing them to complete their work with or without connectivity. Work details are then stored and forwarded as soon as the device is back online.

Mobile apps are as agile as possible and allow you to make changes quickly and easily ensuring they always reflect your business requirements. Should you wish to make any changes to your workflows, there will not be any additional professional service charges incurred as all changes are included in your pre-agreed, affordable, monthly software license.

Once your processes are completed and the customer has signed to say that they’re happy with the results the data captured on the app is sent straight back to your office, once received you can issue the necessary invoices to your customer at the touch of a button.

Document Manager

We have recently added an exciting new feature to our workforce management software called Document Manager, to help you gain complete control over all types of documents such as quality manuals, operating procedures, project plans, codes of practice, health and safety compliance, product manuals and more.

Optimatics Document Manager is designed to manage documents and distribution in one simple to use interface.

Document Manager

Benefits of Docs Manager:

  • Central storage and management for all your documents
  • Access documents on the move
  • Automated document review and approval
  • Quickly chase outstanding approvals
  • Ensure the most up to date documents are shared across the company
  • Easily restrict older versions of documents
  • Effortlessly comply with business processes

This new feature provides document libraries by skill sets and roles with full change control, allowing administrators to review, approve, modify and distribute documents to your mobile workforce.

Once your documents have been uploaded and distributed, our software can then send notifications of important changes to employee mobile apps and track the read compliance and acknowledgement.

By including this feature to Optimatics field service management, businesses are able to streamline their processes, in an organised paperless way, saving time and increasing productivity.

One of the unique advantages when using Document Manager with our mobile apps is the way that the documents are distributed.  We recognised that distributing large documents to mobile devices need to be carefully managed, to avoid using all the mobile bandwidth, which is needed for more critical transfer such as job data. So our unique Binary Token Protocol (BTP) with data packet prioritisation has been enhanced, for any changes in the document library to be broken up into small packets, de-prioritised and only sent when there is spare capacity in the mobile bandwidth. This means that sending documents to your employees handheld devices will not have an impact on other business critical data.

In addition, documents can be dynamically linked to workflows. This means for example, that a user who hasn’t read an important new Health and Safety document is not allowed to proceed until they have.

Additional Info

  • Screenshots:


    Service Planning Screenshot
    Design the mobile forms to reflect your needs and send work instructions to your staff instantly
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Field based staff can input data into the form for real-time transfer back to the office.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Complete with signature capture, photographs and GPS options for added functionality.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Once data is transferred back to the office your office based staff can access a full audit history of every job including data captured on the device.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Whatever your industry sector you can complete certificates, risk assessments and more using mobiles, tablets and other devices quickly and efficiently.

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