The most comprehensive Asset Management solution for Service & Maintenance

Transforming your service operation from the first call to final invoice

End-to-end visibility

A single view of assets, servicing, contracts, warranties, inventory, price books, costs, labour rates, margin and invoicing.

Intelligent automation

Seamless workflows, eliminate manual tasks, increasing the productivity of your service operation from day one.

IoT and Predictive Maintenance

Aeromark’s IoT monitoring data is seamlessly integrated to facilitate planned proactive and predictive maintenance.


25% productivity improvement, removed 15 million touchpoints


40% service level improvement, 50% reduction in touchpoints

The smart way to manage your assets

  • Real-time visibility of assets throughout their lifecycle including asset service history, location and performance
  • Increase asset uptime with automated preventative maintenance
  • Complete audit trail of maintenance and repair costs including Beyond Economic Repair (BER) or End of Life (EOL)  status
  • Eliminate costs and manual processes with seamless automated workflows for scheduling, bill of materials, quotations, parts and invoicing
  • IoT montitoring of assets for predictive maintenance
  • Maintain a complete record of contracts and warranties

Asset lifecycle management

  • Automates the management of planned and preventative maintenance 
  • Track ongoing maintenance and repair
  • Advanced contract, SLA and warranty monitoring
  • Schedule of rates and price books
  • Site and asset history
  • QR code self-cleaning database
  • Eliminates all service-related paperwork
  • Complete lifecycle visibility of maintenance and repair costs including the tracking of Beyond Economic Repair (BER) or End of Life (EOL) equipment, allowing key decisions to be made about capital replacement

A structured audit trail of every asset

Every asset can be given a unique asset tag to track every visit, fault and PPM service. This builds a full history including works carried out, age, warranty monitor, and costs logged against the item. This facilitates stricter cost controls, reduction in breakdowns and bespoke reporting.

Dynamic and live management of your assets allows you to build up a service history from day one. Every task, from installation to planned preventative maintenance, reactive repair or replacement, has end-to-end visibility within the system driving both performance and behaviours.

Advanced inventory management

Full control of parts purchasing and traceability of stock

  • Real-time visibility of van, warehouse, reserved and site stock
  • Audit trail of stock ordered, collected, consumed and returned
  • Complete stock and inventory audit trail
  • Automated supplier price and availability checks
  • Rolling stock management process

Do you have real-time control and visibility of van, warehouse, reserved and site stock?  Do you know what value of stock you’ve got and where that stock is?

Automate van stock replenishment

Van stock templates control what parts engineers hold on their vans. These are driven by asset profile and the nature of your contracts, making it easy to adjust the number and combination of parts needed. You can also automate van stock replenishment orders to your main suppliers, improving engineer efficiency and first-time fix-rates.

Automate tasks for increased efficiency and lower costs

Eliminate all your service-related paperwork with seamless automated processes for:

  • Surveys
  • Work management
  • Bill of materials
  • Quotations
  • Purchase orders
  • Compliance documents
  • Invoicing

Take control of Profit

Invoice data can be automatically applied throughout a job’s progress such as parts used, additional resources deployed, labour rates and margin. Aeromark’s Automatic Rating feature applies engineers rates and checks that parts ordered for the job have been consumed and the correct costs have been applied. This minimises errors and provides the visibility to see whether margin, and therefore profit, is being maintained or eroded.

Crucially, these controls, combined with a comprehensive data audit trail, enable you to analyse and identify which jobs and what type of work is the most profitable.


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