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 Features at a glance

Our GPS Tracking solutions give our customers the visibility required to control their fuel costs, improve security and automate time and attendance. Track your vehicles and field based staff in real-time 24/7, 365 using our reliable web based telematics technology.

 Reduced Costs
 Fuel Efficiency
 Automated Timesheets
 HMRC Compliant
 Detailed Reporting

For smart service businesses, knowing exactly where your field based employees are is essential in ensuring your business is operating at optimum efficiency. This increased visibility allows your teams to make better decisions regarding job allocation and improve overall customer service.

GPS Tracking – Features

  • Complete visibility of your resources in real-time
  • Live mapping to allocate jobs
  • Accurate data with 30 second intervals
  • Auto self check every evening to alert you of any issues with your fleet
  • Driver Behaviour and debrief module
  • Real-time and automated reporting available
  • Detailed analysis
  • Additional functionality: CAN bus monitoring, high security packages and fleet maintenance
  • GPS tracking integrated with other mobile workforce management software

GPS Tracking – Benefits

  • Easy to implement
  • Reduce fuel costs, mileage and CO2 emissions
  • HMRC compliant
  • Variety of solutions for mobile and vehicle tracking
  • Requires minimal training
  • Control overtime costs
  • Respond quicker to customer requests
  • Allocate jobs more quickly; Effective monitoring of field based staff; Proven to generate ROI
  • No paper based processes, such as time sheets & mileage claim forms

We originally chose Aeromark’s tracking system because it is best of breed and their single integrated approach to technology offered us the development that we were looking for in the longer term. Aeromark’s iterative approach suits our business well as we can continue to improve without disruption at a pace that fits our business.

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How does GPS Tracking work?

Each of the vehicles you want to track is fitted with a small tracking device. These contain GPS technology, real-time information about location, speed and distance is captured and sent back in real time. We then make the vehicle tracking information available to you in your password protected customer portal.

Our team work with you to arrange installation at a convenient time ensuring minimal disruption for your customers.

The system then enables you to see where your resources are located and their status through a colour coded map. Additional functionality will allow you to drill down to more detailed information, for example right clicking a specific colour will tell you the route history, today’s route etc. All of which is vital to make game changing decisions and achieve optimum efficiency.

Live mapping increases your visibility to monitor your field based staff more effectively and have the ability to allocate a job quicker and respond quicker to customer requests.

Enhancements can be made to the Aeromark GPS tracking according to the needs of your business. When linked with our workforce scheduling module, your business efficiency increases significantly and your return on investment grows.

Additional Info

  • Screenshots:


    Service Planning Screenshot
    Visual confirmation of your resources location and their status in a simple, colour coded map. Make use of additional functionality to drill down to more detailed information and allocate work effectively.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Right click on a resource for more options such as route history, today’s route etc… Purple icons show business specific locations and provide you with more insight into your daily activities and journeys.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    The “bird’s eye” view and/or “aerial” view offer a more detailed picture of your resources whereabouts. Configured to show direction of travel and street names where required.

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