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Tuesday, 02 January 2018 09:31

The MDT Unit is retired after 21 Years since first installation

After 21 years of service and many thousands of installations, Aeromark are retiring our ground-breaking vehicle based mobile data terminal (MDT) unit. The MDT was the first "ruggedised" touch screen to enter the market and was introduced with features that still are unrivalled; such as an ultra-safe mobile phone that only allowed calls when the vehicle was stationary, navigation to full post code, job management as well as measurement and control integration with the vehicle.

Not only were the features ahead of the time, the unique technology used an infra-red grid touchscreen technology for accurate user interaction, which allowed the screen to be protected with armoured glass.

We are extremely proud that 5 of the original design team of 6 are still innovating products at Aeromark 21 years later! (Pictured above) 

Aeromark have been upgrading the user base over the past 3 years and any remaining customers will be supported for as long as our spares holding permits.

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