February 2018,

Aeromark, developer of one of the UK’s leading service management softwares, has announced the successful creation and issue of over one million Landlord Gas Safety Records (LGSR) automatically using it’s Mobile App.

With leading heating engineering firms choosing the Aeromark solution, this milestone demonstrates the advantage of using a fully integrated service management software to produce accurate documentation.

Field service engineers using Aeromark are able to take advantage of streamlined workflows on their mobile devices. The use of these workflows ensures that data is captured correctly then used to automatically produce LGSR Certificates.

This method of data capture ensures data is validated which avoids costly and time-consuming administration work and dramatically improves accuracy. Businesses using Aeromark typically experience an LGSR accuracy rate of over 99%.

Customers are then able to download their LGSR Certificates and any other generated documentation through dynamic web portals.

“This is a great example of how Aeromark is specialising in delivering enhanced best practice in key vertical markets with statutory compliance and certification often at the heart of service delivery" said Roger Marks, Aeromark MD

About Aeromark

Aeromark is at the forefront of Service and Asset Management, Scheduling, Mobile App and GPS Tracking innovation since 1990.

Optimatics is Aeromark’s smarter Mobile Workforce Management software designed specifically for service based businesses, to make managing a field based workforce as effective as possible. Optimatics comprises four individual modules; Service and Asset Management, Workforce Scheduling, Mobile Apps and GPS Tracking. The four modules can be used independently in conjunction with existing systems or used as a whole where they are seamlessly integrated together.

Combined, the Optimatics modules provide one of the most powerful Service Management solutions available, delivering previously unattainable process improvements that enables businesses to make game changing decisions and achieve optimum efficiency.

For more information, please visit www.aeromark.co.uk or connect with us on Twitter www.twitter.com/AeromarkLtd and LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/aeromark

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Monday, 23 May 2016 16:11

Optimatics for Domestic Gas

Industry Pain Points Solved by Optimatics

Poor Compliance

Better scheduling of engineers means more jobs per day. This in turn means much improved capacity utilisation and increased compliance

Lack of Access

Improved communication with Tenant by SMS reduces lack of access to proprerties and our Mobile Apps provide proof of attendance via photos


LGSR accuracy

Having to check and correct Certificates creates increased admin time. The industry average for accuracy is 70%, with the tight workflow control offered by Optimatics we are able to increase this to over 99%

Identifying the right part

Identifying the right part first time is crucial. Optimatics assists your engineers by having a knowledge base of GC numbers common faults and the added integration of Infomill exploded diagrams


Ordering Parts

The innovative Smarter parts integration checks van stock levels and Wolseley branches in real-time to ensure the correct part can be supplied

Control of parts costs

Ordering expensive parts such as PCB controllers where they aren't needed is reduced by implementing our solution.


Service Levels + Better visibility = Improved SLA

Aeromark Optimatics is a turn-key solution for gas servicing as it increases first time fix rates and maximises utilisation of existing resources. Saltire and Swale have all reduced customer waiting times, expensive repeat call outs and unnecessary travel which better enhances the service they provide.

Working closely with customers such as Saltire and Ferroli has shaped Aeromark’s dynamic service management modules into a turn-key solution for gas servicing.

By monitoring and managing the end-to-end business process from the initial call out to completing risk assessments onsite, from replacing parts under warranty to issuing Landlord's Gas Safety Record (LGSR) which is commonly known and recognised by the CORGI printing reference CP12, managing void cycles right through to invoicing, Aeromark helps you to reduce unnecessary waste, increase first time fix rates and maximise utilisation of existing resources.

Gas CP12 Certificate

Tried and tested gas industry service management tools

Support your team

Gas servicing sector solutions

Whether you’re dealing with planned or emergency call outs Aeromark Optimatics will ensure that you send the right engineer, with the right skills and parts to the right job every time. Reducing customer waiting times, reducing expensive repeat call outs and unnecessary travel.

Given the nature of the hours of work for many engineers in the gas servicing industry Aeromark Optimatics ensures that you are proactively adhering to your duty of care responsibilities as an employer.

Instantly improve communication with your customers by being able to offer up to the minute information on the status of their service or emergency call, from engineer ETA to warranty information, parts ordered to invoice details. Upon completion of a job Aeromark Optimatics offers a full audit history of the call out as well as any previous call outs or contact history.

Aeromark Optimatics was designed to evolve alongside our customers and in line with the changing demand of their customers. By developing the modules to enable full integration with existing back office systems and to allow changes to be made quickly and easily the solution assists gas servicing companies to offer an outstanding level of service whilst keeping costs down.

Ask us about Asset Management, Service Management, Workforce Scheduling, Mobile Apps and GPS Tracking for a more effective mobile workforce dedicated to your gas servicing.

Our software modules can also be integrated with your existing systems to help you achieve more. 

Aeromark smarter service management software helps improve your service levels

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