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Business and employee benefits from Service Management

During challenging economic times business owners are keen to embrace new technology in order to improve efficiency and future-proof their business.

Whilst GPS technology is now widely used throughout the field service industry there are numerous complimentary technologies that can considerably increase a companies return on investment.

Aeromark specialises in increasing the efficiency, productivity and health and safety of field based engineers through its unique Optimatics™ technology.

There are tangible benefits for the whole team as a result of deploying this technology.

Benefits include:

  • Increased Business Efficiency – eliminate time consuming, mundane manual tasks
  • Improved Health & Safety – protection for employees and business
  • Greater Understanding from Employers – when it comes to business pressures
  • Dispatch & Allocation of Jobs to the Nearest Engineer – reducing unnecessary travel
  • Excellent Customer Service – resulting in improved levels of customer retention
  • Verification of Work & Location – providing proof against inaccurate claims
  • Good Workers can be Rewarded – recognition and incentives for employees
  • Reduction in Manual Paperwork – no more filling in of time or mileage sheets
  • Reduction in Insurance Premiums – keeping costs down


With the introduction of service management technology businesses need to consider the issue of privacy. In our experience businesses turn to service management technology to improve efficiency and have no interest in using these systems as “Big Brother”. Access to the vehicle tracking data is restricted to those who need to know the information and there are strict policies issued for its use.

Improved Health & Safety

One of the most dangerous things a person will do at work will be to drive their vehicle on the public highway. Under the Corporate Manslaughter Act businesses have a moral duty to reduce the risks for both its employees and the general public.

The risk of dying as a result of a road accident while driving for business is significantly greater than the risk of dying as a result of all other workplace accidents. 82% of these accidents are due to tiredness, distraction or excess speed.

Optimatics helps significantly reduce the risks by monitoring driving and working hours to protect both employees from excess demands by the business and the business from potentially damaging statutory regulations.

At the same time service management technology reduces distractions from incoming calls by removing the need for office based employees to chase for a driver’s location.

Greater Understanding from Employers

service management softwares give employers a better understanding of employee workload; time spent travelling between customer and depot locations; distance covered during a normal working day; regional coverage and shift patterns.

Dispatch & Allocate Jobs to the Nearest Vehicle

Better visibility enables better planning decisions resulting in reduced travelling time for the employee and an improved service for customers.

Improved company responsiveness and performance benefits both the employee and the business as it provides a competitive edge, ensuring that the business continues to win new contracts and expand.

Additional benefits as a result of reduced mileage can be seen in reduced maintenance and fuel costs.

Excellent Customer Service

Research shows that a large proportion of calls within our offices are a result of field based employees, office based employees and customers trying to establish an arrival time on site. Vehicle monitoring enables office based employees to offer an accurate indication of a field based employee’s ETA within seconds and without the need to disrupt the driver’s journey.

Overall customer experience improves due to the accurate information provided and efficient resource planning, making the employee’s job on site much easier and improving customer retention.

Verification of Work & Location

A number of Aeromark customers have utilised information within the system to provide verification of activity for resolution of disputes in the employees favour.

Prove within seconds whether a parking ticket, speeding fine or customer complaint is valid, ensuring that your employees are protected. For example, if a customer claims that an employee did not arrive on site, that they were late or that they did not spend enough time on site, the business has instant proof to refute their claims.

Vehicle tracking can also be used to validate overtime claims ensuring that employees are paid accurately for the hours they work.

Good Workers can be Rewarded

Productivity within many companies is an increasing area of concern. Vehicle monitoring provides employers with evidence regarding the number of jobs an employee completes and as a result the business can reward those individuals who excel, incentivising others to improve their performance.

Reduction in Manual Paperwork

Vehicle monitoring reduces the need for completion of mundane paperwork such as manual timesheets allowing an employee to focus on getting the job done.

Reduction in Insurance Premiums

In the event of an employees vehicle being stolen the chances of recovery are significantly increased with vehicle monitoring, as the level of risk to the insurance companies reduces many providers will pass on the savings.

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