Thursday, 27 September 2018 11:18

PRESS RELEASE: Aeromark service level software

Aeromark have reached the next tier of service excellence with the launch of an advanced software feature called “Promise Time”. Aeromark understands that service orientated business’ run to strict Service Level Agreements (SLA), whether in a B2B or B2C environment and that SLA stipulates the contractual level of service adherence. Aeromark recognised there is an additional tier of customer commitment beyond contractual obligation which is equally, if not more important; this level is keeping the promises made to customers, which may, at the customer’s request be outside of the SLA.


“Using Aeromark applications increases SLA adherence but that is not enough, we want to ensure that promises made to customers are kept” said Roger Marks, MD, of Aeromark.


This new layer of software logic enables both the planner and mobile users in the field to know when a ‘promise’ is made to a customer and flag to the planner that they are scheduling at a time when a promise will or might be broken. Due to unforeseen circumstances promises sometime cannot be kept, but with the enhanced visibility the customer can be notified out of courtesy and mitigation planned well in advance.

Promise Time provides:

  • Visibility of commitments or promises made to the customer every time a conversation takes place
  • Tools to assist the planner when scheduling the job to meet the promise and keep a record of any changes
  • Support for automated scheduling to respect the promise time as an equal or higher priority than SLA
  • Test on completion whether a promise time has been kept and provide MI source data to enable SLA mitigation


Promise Time not only supports meeting contractual requirements (SLA) but also improves customer satisfaction, retention, referrals and growth.


“Promise Time takes customer satisfaction to the next level and we are pleased that our Customers are adopting and benefitting from this innovation.” Roger Marks, MD, Aeromark.

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