Friday, 01 July 2011 11:58

Aeromark Celebrates Service Management Solution Success

On 24th June, a year after launching its Service Management Solution Optimatics, Aeromark’s managing director Roger Marks celebrated the success of the new product with his team in Bedford. A number of companies have adopted the new Service Management Solution which links call centres, job scheduling, GPS Tracking and Mobile workflows, without any substantial promotional campaign.

Roger shared his thoughts on introducing new products while most companies with mobile workforces which would use it, are cutting costs.

Mobile workforce management in service industries is under increasing financial pressure, especially with the recent fuel price rises. We analyse business process costs that these companies have in common and use our R&D facilities in the UK and Denmark to help do something about it. This is how Service Management Solution came about, he explained.

Aeromark drives towards optimising technology so it can improve the efficiency of humans. In turn this enables service companies to become slicker and work smarter. To date, most of Aeromark's customers have saved anywhere between £4 and £12 for every £1 invested.

Even in the most complicated business processes, CSS Service Management Solution links job scheduling and mobile workflows. It automates call handling through to enterprise resource planning while highlighting inefficiencies that need to be addressed. These are often easily resolved and often consist of issues such as elapsed time while waiting for a new part to be delivered.

The workflow provides total visibility and ensures that every stage in the service delivery process from new job creation to payment completion or awaiting payment is transparent and accounted for.

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