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Infomill teams PartsArena Pro app with Aeromark and Plumb and Parts Center for ground-breaking integration

Infomill teams PartsArena Pro app with Aeromark and Plumb and Parts Center for ground-breaking integration

Developing an impressive role model for other companies to consider, Infomill, creator of PartsArena Pro, has worked with field service management software provider Aeromark and Plumb and Parts Center to create a wholly integrated service management software from first visit to fix, delivering ongoing cost savings in addition to dramatic efficiencies at many stages.

Pro PartsArena Inofmill 3 MIFM Dec Jan17 300x124PartsArena Pro is the leading source of approved boiler manuals and parts data for the UK heating industry. It is used by more than 20,000 service and breakdown engineers, offering significant time efficiencies and cost savings due to swift and accurate diagnosis of the parts required to fix the problem.

So imagine when the power of PartsArena Pro is fully integrated into the logistical service management and parts ordering process. This is exactly what Aeromark has achieved in partnership with Plumb and Parts Center, for use by Swale Heating Ltd.

Here’s how it works

When Swale Heating receives a job order, Smarter Parts, Aeromark’s new integrated parts system goes to work immediately, identifying the Asset and Serial Number whilst matching common faults with previously ordered parts for the same model. Using the Aeromark scheduling system the job is allocated to the best engineer which instantly sends all the necessary information to their mobile device.

Once the engineer is on site, the Aeromark app seamlessly integrates with PartsArena Pro which provides instant access to the relevant technical information needed at the point of service. The engineer can view interactive exploded diagrams, service and installation manuals in addition to parts lists; all of which allow easy identification of the parts required to complete the job. The correct part can then be selected by simply clicking on the link or diagram hotspot.

PartsArena Pro then promptly passes this information back to the Aeromark system, which checks live stock levels at all Plumb and Parts Center branches and the location of customer vans in the vicinity in real time. Having carried out an automated approval process, the system orders the part for either immediate collection or delivery, depending on the forecast travel time.

A game changer for Swale Heating

With a team of 280 engineers, Swale Heating has used a stand-alone version of PartsArena Pro since 2007 and already considers it “essential to our daily operation, playing a huge part in us delivering great service to all of our customers.”

A revolutionary, fully integrated version of PartsArena Pro from Aeromark will now be a game changer for Swale Heating. Steve Parish, CIO of Swale Heating comments: “The Plumb and Parts Center eBusiness team together with Infomill’s PartsArena Pro solution and Aeromark have worked well together to implement an efficient system which will help move our business forward significantly in a demanding market. Not only this, we can also tailor our service to the most convenient time for our customers, with limited impact on the business.”

Roger Marks, MD of Aeromark can already see the huge potential for the new fully integrated system with PartsArena Pro: “This integration enables Aeromark to provide a more powerful solution to some of the biggest challenges to field service operations – getting the right parts, to the right place, in the optimum time. We are now even able to forecast delivery times for the more obscure non- stock items and optimise dynamically whether the engineer should collect or order for delivery based on daily workload and travel times.”

The future for PartsArena ProInfomill Logo 2 MIFM Dec Jan17 300x116

“We’re proud to be partnering with industry leaders, Aeromark and Plumb and Parts Center,” says Jonathan Ralphs, CEO of Infomill. “This ground-breaking integration with Aeromark, used by Swale Heating, has demonstrated the tremendously powerful potential of PartsArena Pro in the service management industry. Much time and cost can be wasted every day in manually ordering and visiting to fit incorrect parts. Companies that choose PartsArena Pro have highlighted the financial savings to us in addition to enhanced service levels. Developing a seamlessly integrated system from initial visit to correct part delivery and installation with more of our customers is going to take these savings and service enhancements to the next level, with great benefit to our customers.”

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About Infomill

Infomill specializes in repurposing data to create aftermarket production support tools for field service technicians. With over 55,000 users worldwide, our innovative knowledgebase offerings fill the automation gap between the pre- and post-service call, providing an average of 15% reduction in time on site and 10% reduction in service costs. Infomill’s solution PartsArena Pro is the leading source of approved technical information for the UK heating industry.

About Aeromark

Aeromark is at the forefront of Service and Asset management, Scheduling, Mobile App and GPS tracking innovation since 1990.

Optimatics, is Aeromark’s smarter Service Management Software designed specifically for service based businesses, to make managing a field based workforce as effective as possible. Optimatics comprises four individual modules; Service and Asset Management, Workforce Scheduling, Mobile Apps and GPS tracking. The four modules can be used independently in conjunction with existing systems or used as a whole where they are seamlessly integrated together.

Combined, the Optimatics modules provide one of the most powerful Service Management solutions available, delivering previously unattainable process improvements that enables businesses to make game changing decisions and achieve optimum efficiency.

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