Tuesday, 19 February 2013 11:43

Fuel reduction initiative delivers great green results for Motivair

Motivair has revealed the full extent of reductions made to its carbon footprint in the last 18 months, with the company announcing that its total fuel usage and CO2 emissions are down by 20 percent over the period. These savings were made possible largely due to the implementation and successful operation of a new cutting-edge service management software from Aeromark, which has given the business complete real-time visibility and greater control over its national service fleet. By improving route planning and maximising the use of its resources, Motivair has surpassed its original fuel reduction target of ten percent.

As the UK’s largest compressed air management company, Motivair is setting a strong example for the industry through its adoption of responsible business practices. Following a company-wide sustainability audit in 2010, the organisation identified a need for improved efficiency regarding the management of its fleet; and after a detailed evaluation of suppliers, Motivair chose Aeromark as their trusted technology partner.

“Through intelligent planning our central service co-ordinators can optimise the routes taken between jobs.” explains David Coleman, business manager for Motivair. “Since installing the system we have seen a steady reduction in mileage of 35 miles per day per engineer resulting in daily savings of 17.68kg in CO2 emissions. With this in mind the system helps us to meet the environmental objectives we set out to achieve.”

Aeromark’s integrated service management software combines GPS tracking technology with PDA workflows and analytics to provide a clear picture of field based business activities. The system provides both full visibility of mobile workers and job progress, enabling Motivair to measure performance, identify potential gains in efficiencies and improve productivity. This level of visibility assists the service co-ordinators with the dynamic allocation of jobs to service engineers based on their location, specific skill set and parts available.

Additional environmental savings include a reduction in fleet maintenance as a result of even wear and tear on company vehicles. Through more effective allocation of their fleet, Motivair reduce the need for servicing and replacement parts such as tyres that often end up in landfill sites. As a group, Motivair are also saving in excess of 5,000 pieces of paper each month, the equivalent of eight trees per year.

Roger Marks, managing director of Aeromark Ltd says “Motivair are a forward looking company who have a clear objective of reducing their environmental impact and operating costs. We were delighted to be able to work with them on increasing the efficiency of their operations. They have an open-minded approach to technology and they are a fantastic example of how environmental savings can be achieved whilst at the same time improving service levels and reducing costs.”

As a 24/7/365 operation the flexibility offered by the system ensures that Motivair make the maximum use of their resources whilst minimising travel time and their carbon footprint.

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