Wednesday, 02 October 2013 11:39

EE launches version of Aeromark’s Optimatics

Field Link now offers all of the new Aeromark Optimatics features and is configured into 4 modules:

Service and Asset Management

The Service and Asset management module provides a seamless integration of all asset data and associated activities. This module is configured to match individual business processes, managing reactive maintenance tasks for both directly employed and subcontractor supply chain. The system reduces out going costs and increases profit by increasing the number jobs being planned whilst ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

This module also provides an automated scheduler for Planned Maintenance activities and statutory compliance recording.

Workforce Scheduling

The module provides multiple levels of scheduling from simple drag and drop planning through to fully automated and dynamic optimised routing. This ensures the right level can be implemented to suit the business process. The implementation of smarter scheduling increases jobs achieved per day per employee reduces the wasted mileage, time and fuel used, improves service levels by making more efficient use of available field resources and significantly reduces administration overheads.

Each ingeniously designed aspect of this module is fully integrated with other Field Link modules allowing for skill sets, parts, service windows, and history to be taken into consideration. This results in improved first time fix rates, increased amount of jobs completed with SLA’s and a reduction of cost.

Mobile Apps

Our Mobile Apps are fully workflow driven and designed to support employees in any situation; therefore each workflow is configured to suit the exact businesses requirements. The mobile apps use Binary Push Technology and work fully offline so network coverage is not an issue and are supported on a wide variety of devices, connecting your external resources to the office around the clock.

Depending on the business process the complexity of information built within the app, from ePOD to bespoke field service workflows, all apps ensure accurate data capture along with real-time access to customer information; minimising the employees time spent on the job and maximising customer satisfaction levels.

Our Mobile Apps boost productivity, employee satisfaction and produces a faster response time to the need of each job attended. By integrating Mobile Apps into your workforce system you eliminate excess paperwork and inevitably improve data storage and management.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking module helps to manage your company’s vehicles and employees more effectively and when integrated with the other modules provides powerful location based data to support both mobile apps and more importantly scheduling. A variety of GPS Tracking solutions are offered from mobile device based to fully installed Telematics, providing you with complete visibility of your resources. This HMRC compliant module allows for employees routes to be optimized to produce the most cost and time effective routes, which increases fuel efficiency.

Detailed reports and analysis are produced as and when needed to clarify improvements that could be made to drivers, routes and jobs; allowing for regular progression within the company and its service.

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