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Aeromark’s service management software ‘Optimatics’ has improved business operations within leading food retail outlets Greggs and YO! Sushi.

Today it is more important than ever for food retailers to provide the level of service that consumers demand. With rising costs and increased competition, delivering brand promise has never been more difficult.

The answer lies within your assets. Effectively managing your workforce with direct or sub contractors is the answer to creating an optimal and consistent in-store experience.

Aeromark's service management software has taken the stress out of managing the workforce and sub contract companies, making it possible to meet customer expectations.

Proactive preventative maintenance and reactive break/fix need to be monitored, managed and completed within tight Service Level Agreements – whether through their own resource or as an outsourced service through Sub-contract organisations. Aeromark works with both.

Greggs, the UK’s leading bakery food-on-the-go retailer has reported productivity boost of 60% in their service supply chain as a direct result of implementing Aeromark Optimatics. In the first six months since implementation of Aeromark’s smart technology, Greggs directly employed service engineers productivity has improved from 3.5 to 5.5 completed jobs per day.

YO! Sushi, the iconic Japanese restaurant brand has reported successful deployment of Aeromark’s Smart Optimatics technology and immediate ROI (Return on Investment) in the first month following implementation.

We asked Greggs and YO! Sushi why they chose Aeromark amongst other technology providers and this is what they said:

We needed a system that managed the whole process from our assets on site through to efficient scheduling of maintenance, to mobile apps and sub-contractor performance measurement. Whilst we evaluated alternatives, Aeromark Optimatics technology, along with the company’s approach for working with customers was way ahead of the competition. Said Chris, Greggs, Shop Maintenance Manager.

The ability for Aeromark system to be configured to meet exactly what we needed in terms of keeping the restaurant equipment and facilities running smoothly, faster response times to our restaurants and complete audit trails of subcontractor performance, are the reasons why we chose Optimatics as opposed to other software on the shelf said Mike, YO! Sushi, Facilities Manager.

The wolf run fitness challenge encourages employees at Aeromark to increase fitness levels and run 10k for charity.

The Wolf Run is all about the experience of running wild and being involved in the experience. The Wolf Run is not a race; it’s a physical and mental challenge that every wolf runner tackles their own way – whether it’s running in a pack or running alone as the lone wolf!

Our Finance Administrator, Anna took part in the Wolf Run last month and raised over £300.00 for ‘Wonky Pets Rescue’ who specialise in helping animals with physical, medical or behavioural issues to get them foster homes or permanent homes.

Customer Services Manager Jody and Business Administrator Rebecca have also agreed to take the challenge in June on behalf of local charity Keech Hospice, to help with the care and support of adults and children across Bedfordshire, Hertforshire and Milton Keynes.

I’m looking forward to the Wolf Run challenging me to my limits, in order for me to help patients who are unable to do things. Said Jody.

If I can make one child’s life slightly more bearable in an unthinkable situation I would do 100 wolf runs. Said Rebecca.

For anyone wishing to make a donation to Keech Hospice and support Jody and Rebecca, please give generously at:

Aeromark’s service management software ‘Optimatics’ has improved many large and varied businesses across the UK in sectors such as Facilities Management, HVAC, Domestic Gas, ICT Services, maintenance, installation, transport & logistics enabling them to increase productivity and optimise efficiency.

Over the past year, Aeromark has seen a rise in demand for service management within the food retail service supply chain. Is this any surprise when modern technology has changed the way retailers do business? The issue is not whetnher to deploy technology but what technology to deploy?

Within their competitive market it’s important for retailers to stay one step ahead of the competition. Every asset within a supermarket, outlet or restaurant contributes to ongoing revenues, productivity and efficiency of operation, which is why every asset needs to be managed in order to achieve maximum productivity.

Proactive preventative maintenance and reactive break/fix need to be monitored, managed and completed within tight Service Levels – whether through their own resource or as an outsourced service through Sub-contract organisations. Aeromark works with both.

For some food retailers this can be in-store facilities such as catering equipment, refrigeration equipment, lighting, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrics. For others it is Facilities issues such as leaks, glass or structural damage.

Aeromark's service management solution has now taken the stress out of managing the workforce and sub-contract companies, making it possible to meet your business’ and customers’ expectations.

Aeromark listen to your business needs and implement a service and asset management system based around your requirements.

Intelligent technology like ‘Optimatics’ can:

  • Auto-log issues with smartphone and tablet based apps
  • Identify asset with tagging technology
  • Manage and update task status through web based portals
  • Allocate appropriate resource to appropriate tasks
  • Manage preventative and planned maintenance schedules
  • Ensure all tasks at store locations are completed
  • Get real-time updates from the field
  • Put you in control of your asset and maintenance functions

All of which increases your mobile workforce efficiently, ensures you are able to manage your sub-contractors – in real time and enables you to get on with your business rather than worry about theirs.

If you are seeking to build better, faster, safer store operations we can help. Click here to find out how we helped Greggs and YoSushi.


Aeromark’s service management solution helps businesses improve their green credentials by simplifying processes to ensure their service delivery is as efficient as possible.

Comprised of call centre software; warranty and contract management; planned and reactive maintenance programmes; job scheduling software; GPS vehicle tracking; PDA workflows; reporting and analysis modules, Aeromark’s solution reduces the environmental impact of any field based workforce.

An effective service management solution will give you full visibility of your field based operations allowing you to minimise downtime and increase efficiency. As a result your business will:

  • Reduce mileage between jobs by optimising route planning
  • Reduce idling by monitoring driver behaviour
  • Reduce fuel consumption by reducing unnecessary travel and idling
  • Minimise CO2 emissions
  • Reduce the volume of replacement vehicle parts sent to landfill
  • Eliminate paperwork by replacing them with electronic forms

As well as the environmental savings, your business will also increase productivity, reduce duplication of work and unnecessary administration maximising the profitability of every job your field based staff complete.

Your customers will benefit from quicker response times, improved communication and more efficient service, improving customer retention and driving new opportunities via word of mouth.

If you’re interested in transforming your business into an environmentally responsible organisation or you want to know more about service management software please contact us on 0345 330 5757 or email

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