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Would Your Business Benefit from Aeromark Job Scheduling Software

Many employers these days have to manage a large mobile workforce, typical industry sectors include installation, servicing, maintenance, construction and logistics. For companies employing more than a handful of field based staff, it can quickly become a logistical nightmare to work out how to best use the resources at your disposal.

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Allocating the best mobile worker to a job and accurately scheduling start, finish and travel times can significantly increase your business efficiency and also improve your overall customer experience.

Aeromark scheduling software can assist with both planned and reactive jobs, allowing you to manage field based teams throughout many different scenarios. Consider the following potential benefits of job scheduling software:

  1. Simple Drag and Drop to Fully Optimised Dynamic Scheduling – Your requirements will depend on the size of your business and the complexity of the tasks your resources are carrying out. Each level of Aeromark job scheduling software will have its own set of benefits and we offer you an upgrade path for the future which will save you time and money.
  2. Locate the Best Worker for a Job – Jobs can be allocated to field based resources based on location, time required to complete the job, parts available and the resources skill set. Aeromark’s dynamic scheduling software will also suggest the best resources for any unallocated jobs, or even suggest best unallocated jobs for a selected resource resulting in greater efficiencies.
  3. Improve Customer Service – View the status of all your resources at any given time. See instantly if there are jobs in danger of missing vital service level agreements or if a job has overrun and is likely to affect other customers; our scheduling software gives you the opportunity to reschedule in order to achieve the highest possible service levels for your customers. Pro-actively manage customer expectations throughout the life-cycle of the job and communicate accurate information at all times. Future planning can be made more effective by learning from historic company data to further improve customer service.
  4. Cost Effective Job Completion – Aeromark scheduling software enables efficient allocation of jobs for your resources and reduces unnecessary waste. Your business benefits from a reduction in mileage, fuel, CO2, vehicle wear and tear, repeat call outs and overtime.
  5. Always Optimising – As events change throughout the day and emergency jobs are raised our dynamic job scheduling software updates your priorities and reschedules your resources to make maximum use of their skills and time. As a result your business becomes more efficient, response times improve and invoicing speeds up.
  6. Scalable Solution – Job scheduling software is often combined with GPS vehicle tracking and PDA workflow software to get a more accurate picture of your mobile workforce and business activities. A scalable solution will help your business to grow at your own pace and offer ongoing benefits. It’s important that our team work extremely closely with you in order to perfectly align the solution with your requirements and to offer a road map for future growth. By choosing your partner wisely you should never have to replace the solution, further reducing the lifetime cost of ownership.
  7. Web Based – Our scheduling software is web based, allowing instant fully visible access to your resources from anywhere. Web based software also requires only minimum involvement from your IT department to set up and is more cost effective than traditional solutions.

There are clear compelling benefits for deploying job scheduling software if you employ a mobile workforce. Massive flexibility and a true real-time picture of your company performance will enable you to effectively manage customer expectations and service delivery. Integrate with GPS tracking increase both the functionality and accuracy, while web-based systems can be upgraded seamlessly and are accessible from anywhere.

Aeromark are a leading UK provider of comprehensive job scheduling software and agile service management softwares for optimising mobile workforce management.

For a more extensive look at the benefits of job scheduling software and to see the latest developments in action you can book a short 30 minute online demonstration by contacting us on 01234 227701, emailing info@aeromark.co.uk or completing our online demo request form.

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