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Why you should pay more attention to your HVAC facilities?

Why you should pay more attention to your HVAC facilities?

HVAC facilities are not the most noticeable assets in an organisation until something goes wrong. Then there is pressure to resolve the issue quickly and although Aeromark know it is far better to schedule preventative maintenance activities in advance, most businesses continue to operate in a reactive mode spending large amounts on repair costs.

This is false economy. Systems that are dirty not only result in significant reduction in performance and higher energy costs, but also the increased workloads on mechanical parts increase wear and tear and result in shorter component lifetimes.

There are many other problems associated with a solely reactive approach to HVAC maintenance. It’s not just about keeping the air at the right temperature, it is also about maintaining air quality for healthy ventilation which is essential for regulatory environmental conditions in commercial buildings.

Temperatures and humidity levels that fall outside the safe recommended range combined with poor cleaning regime can result in HVAC systems becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt which can be detrimental to health of employees and add additional costs to staff welfare.

To prevent poor air ventilation and keep air conditioning and heating operating properly, businesses must schedule regular inspections to avoid hassle and unnecessary costs on continuous repairs and even replacement systems.

Most organisations rely on reactive maintenance because they have not budgeted for regular servicing but organisations that have implemented planned maintenance have decreased overall maintenance costs, reduce the running costs year on year.

Centre Parcs are one of the companies who have witnessed savings to their HVAC maintenance since planning regular facilities management with UK’s Leading National Refrigeration and Air Conditioning specialists – Flowrite Services LTD.

Centre Parcs Commercial, Retail and Leisure facilities have reduced asset downtime, decreased interruptions to operations and reduced energy use said Wayne Matton, Woburn Forest General Manager.

To help deliver this service efficiently, Flowrite have invested in the very latest market leading technology called ‘Optimatics’ from Aeromark, a comprehensive system that plans appointments and then optimises routes for their engineers, whilst providing increased visibility of assets, jobs and status.

By using Aeromark’s mobile app, the engineers have the right information every time, which results in greater efficiency, accurate parts ordering and better first time fix rates, even the job sheets are created in real time and are emailed as the engineer leaves the job.

Aeromark’s service management software has now enabled Flowrite to deliver a first class service to Centre Parcs, managing their HVAC equipment and making it possible to meet the business’ needs and customers’ expectations.

Intelligent technology like ‘Optimatics’ combined with preventative maintenance can:

  • Decrease interruptions to operations
  • Reduce Energy Use
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Have Less Frequent Asset Downtime
  • Lower costs

All of which increases your mobile workforce efficiently, ensures you are able to manage your sub-contractors – in real time and enables you to get on with your business.

If you are seeking to build better, faster, safer store operations we can help.

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