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Smarter Scheduling makes Engineers more Productive

Smarter Scheduling makes Engineers more Productive

Here is the first in a series of articles looking at the fundamentals of Service Management and why service managers should think differently about their business.


Margin control and engineer productivity are of paramount importance for all field service firms. There are so many areas where efficiency and profit can be impacted; inefficient route planning, not matching jobs to the most appropriate engineer skill set, not having the right parts available. Planners and service managers need the right tools and clear visibility of all these areas to make sure efficiency and costs are in control.

An intelligent scheduling platform will present planners with the best engineer for the job based on their expertise, availability and location as well as the SLA and times promised to the customer.

Routes should be optimised to ensure the most efficient service schedule for each engineer, cutting out unnecessary travel time and mileage costs.With smarter, more efficient, scheduling, engineer utilisation and first-visit fix rates will increase, enabling your service team to complete more visits, at a lower cost, than was previously possible.

But surely, the true measure of productivity is the number of successfully ‘completed jobs’, not just the number of jobs attended and squeezed into the day. 

This relies on the efficiency of the whole of your service operation, end-to-end.  Inventory management, van-stock management and parts order management are just as important as a good plan. Your margin will be significantly eroded if engineers are making multiple site visits because they don’t have the right parts on-hand.

The key metric therefore becomes more “completed jobs” and these are often determined by, not just skills but inventory management.

Advanced service management software, like Aeromark, solve this problem by providing scheduling and inventory management on the same single platform; automating the process of ordering, invoicing, tracking and reserving stock for customer jobs and scheduling, therefore ensuring successful completions. And completions mean profits.

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