Wednesday, 20 January 2016 09:58

Reduce fuel usage and running costs with Optimatics Technology

In the current climate, all organisations need to find every possible way of reducing their running costs whilst optimising their efficiency.

Most Companies can monitor their fuel usage without investing in sophisticated technology. All they have to do is to total up the quantity of fuel they use. In most cases this can be easily achieved down to vehicle level.

The difficulty comes when you want to reduce fuel usage. The simple way is to reduce the amount of miles driven per unit of work (unnecessary mileage) and to improve the way the necessary miles are driven.

The biggest win is often the reduction of unnecessary mileage, using a combination of Vehicle Tracking, Scheduling and Optimisation, to reduce Private Mileage, idling and deviation and to select the best possible planning and routing for each job.

Aeromark offers standard reports on different driver behaviour such as speeding and start/end times. We also offer a private/business mileage switch, which reminds the driver each time the ignition is started to specify which purpose the journey is for. Idling reports are also available upon request. What is more, if you give us a list of your key locations, we can plot customer sites, depot sites and more, so that any deviation from prescribed routes can be easily spotted, too.

For another level of reporting altogether, some of our customers have invested in Smartdash, our interactive reporting suite, which gives trends on a wide variety of key performance indicators. It also allows you to drill down so you can locate and resolve any problem areas. Captured parameters include:

  • Average CO2 Emissions per journey
  • Average CO2 Emissions Per Km
  • Average Excess Speed Events
  • Average Mileage Per Journey
  • Average Speed
  • Fleet Running Cost
  • Total Excess Speed Events
  • Total Fuel Consumption
  • Total Mileage Driven
  • Total CO2 Emissions
  • Average Finish Time
  • Average Start Time
  • Average Time Worked
  • Average Journey Distance
  • Average Journey Time
  • Average Journeys
  • Time spent at Depots
  • Time Spent at Customers
  • Time spent at Unknown

For more about Smartdash and other features, just talk to us – email or call 0345 330 5757.

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