Thursday, 14 March 2019 14:43

Promise Time technology ensures the Customer Experience (CX) is king

Promise Time technology ensures the Customer Experience (CX) is king
Q: What is the very best form of customer experience?

A: Doing what you say you are going to do at the time you say you will do it.

Whether in a commercial or domestic environment people are busy and if a promise has been made by your business, it is right to expect it is adhered to…

Any service management software should give planners real-time visibility of engineers and sub-contractors in the field, knowing exactly where they are and how they are progressing.

If an engineer is delayed live schedules need to be quickly adjusted to actual events. But, often, promises are made to customers, by call handlers or Engineers and, to that customer, the promise is more important than any SLA.

The best customer experience is a promise made and kept, and a job well done.

Aeromark have introduced Promise Time so whenever a promise has been made to a customer it can be kept. 

True CX is keeping your promises. Retention, referrals and new business flow from there.

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