Thursday, 20 June 2013 09:33

Mobile workforce management solutions can reduce your carbon footprint

Most businesses are looking for ways to reduce the impact they are having on the environment and whether the reasoning behind this is to save money, to appease shareholders or to meet contractual requirements from customers, knowing where to start can often be daunting.

If you are part of a service organisation with remote workers such as engineers then chances are you could realise substantial reductions in your carbon footprint by deploying a mobile workforce management solution. Aeromark’s Optimatics helps businesses to improve their green credentials and to save money by simplifying processes to ensure their service delivery is as efficient as possible.

Optimatics service management solution includes four individual modules: Service & Asset Management, Workforce Scheduling, Mobile Apps and GPS Tracking. The modules can be used independently or seamlessly integrated together and Optimatics powerful reporting and analysis dashboard enables you to quickly and easily identify areas where efficiency and carbon footprint improvements can be made.

Optimatics will give you full visibility of your field based personnel allowing you to minimise downtime and increase efficiency. As a result your business will be able to:

  • reduce mileage between jobs by optimising route planning
  • reduce idling time by monitoring driver behaviour
  • reduce fuel consumption by setting and then monitoring more fuel efficient speed limits for drivers
  • monitor vehicle location and date and time of usage reducing unauthorised or unnecessary travel and idling
  • minimise CO2 emissions through reduced fuel consumption
  • reduce the volume of replacement vehicle parts sent to landfill
  • eliminate paperwork by replacing paper with mobile apps

As well as the environmental savings, your business will also increase productivity, reduce duplication of work and unnecessary administration maximising the profitability of every job your field based staff complete.

Your customers will benefit from quicker response times, improved communication and more efficient service, improving customer retention and driving new opportunities via word of mouth.

To find out how your business could become more environmentally responsible and save money at the same time please contact us on 0345 330 5757 or email

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