Wednesday, 20 March 2019 12:48

Don’t add engineers add efficiency

Don’t add engineers add efficiency
Top quality and reliable service engineers are the foundation of the success of any service company and with increasing emphasis being put on Customer Experience (CX) it has become even more important to attract and retain good people. But, this is getting more difficult as high employment levels drive up salaries and some skills are waning.

When Service Managers spend as much time recruiting as managing it is time to think differently. Service management platforms enable companies to work much smarter. With the right technology in place, it could enable you to do 25% more jobs without a single extra Engineer and, at the same time, reduce your administrative burden and release IT resources.

Not only will you get a huge return on your investment, your Service Management Platform will be a key differentiator in winning new business.

When Greggs invested in the Aeromark service management platform to increase the efficiency of its service and sub-contractor performance, it resulted in an increase from 3.5 to 5.5 completed jobs per day for every Engineer and an overall increase in productivity of 60%.

One of the UK’s leading fire and security companies achieved similar results by investing in a real-time Service Management Platform to optimise its entire service operation. Aeromark's software is now managing every aspect of its service business from taking the initial service call, dynamic scheduling of the best Engineer, stock management and sourcing the parts, all the way through to invoicing. Productivity in the field has increased by 25% and by eliminating unnecessary manual tasks, more than one million pieces of paper have been removed from the business each year, along with millions of associated manual touch points.

With UK employment levels at a high yet worker productivity falling to a two-year low, this cycle of recruitment, wage growth with declining productivity is not sustainable on already tight service margins. Now is the time for businesses to accelerate the adoption of technologies to boost efficiency, productivity and fuel growth.

Growth through Efficiency is the smarter way to deliver profitable Services.

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