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Thursday, 12 May 2016 14:49

Delivering service to service providers

Effective workforce management is essential for companies offering field service who are looking to develop and grow sustainably. If you’re looking to upgrade your systems, chances are you’re also looking to adopt new processes to improve efficiency. Yet, on reaching this critical turning point within business operations, implementing new workforce strategies and software can be an extremely daunting task. In most cases it affects the entire culture of the business, which is why it’s so important to ensure that the software you opt for is provided by a company who understand these complexities.


At Aeromark, we do understand this and offer a relationship between partners rather than buyer/seller. Instead of merely ‘selling’ software we offer full service in delivery and implementation, with our solutions wholly fitted around our customers’ needs. In fact, Aeromark’s entire Optimatics solution is a continuous evolution based on our customers various business requirements, which is the reason for our continual updates and improvements.

We understand that choosing the right Software as a Service (SAAS) is only a small step in a long journey of successful implementation. This is why ‘Optimatics’ is a true SAAS solution, offering software and a lot of service. Our first step is to understand the ins and outs of your business processes and how you do business. We then fit our solution around our customers’ needs, not the other way around to build a successful partnership. We understand businesses are agile and have different requirements which adapt under different circumstances, so we make sure we’re agile around you.

In many cases, Aeromark is a strategic choice for businesses looking to add immediate value with the security of knowing they can update in the future. With no limitations to change, we roll out the module, or modules, that alleviate a particular problem – whether this means taking the whole solution or integrating an Optimatics module with other systems you have in place. We can then model other levels and modules out as and when it suits. Ultimately, the biggest benefits are seen when all modules integrate dynamically together and our customers commonly end up replacing their disparate solutions with our integrated single platform.

By working in numerous verticals such as IT, HVAC / HVRAC, FM and Food retail, we have been able to build solutions configured to the general needs of service and best practice within those sectors. We find that, due to our initial agile approach, our software is 70% structured to fit industry needs with 30% wholly configured around our customer’s specific business processes.

Our dedicated service delivery team take our customers through ‘workshops’ where our customer’s specific business processes are designed within the system. Different workflows can be configured for different jobs, factoring in various stages of workflow and data capture. Undoubtedly, as businesses expand changes are required so we will change and update workflows at no cost.

It’s important for service providers to understand that all businesses are unique and by using this approach we can offer an agile solution which allows our customers security and flexibility whilst ensuring that we are constantly updating along with the changing business environment.