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AutoRestore Service Management Project

We recently announced that our Innovative Project of the Year Award 2011 was presented to AutoRestore®. In this article we explain more about the project and how AutoRestore have been using Aeromark Optimatics to improve their service management.

Northamptonshire based AutoRestore®, which is the UK’s leading mobile accident repair company, employs 150 Technicians who repair minor damage to vehicles in less than 1 day at customers’ homes or workplaces throughout the UK. A sister company to Autoglass, AutoRestore® originally deployed Aeromark Optimatics vehicle tracking to measure activity in the field and this year upgraded to Aeromark’s planning, scheduling and PDA workflow solutions.

Project Challenge

For AutoRestore®, the scheduling of repairs is extremely complex. Co-ordinating tasks such as arranging a timeslot around the customers’ requirement, organising any parts, checking the suitability of the customer’s chosen location and getting the closest Technician there at the right time make the end-to-end process a challenging one to manage.

In order to improve AutoRestore’s scheduling efficiency, each one of the variable elements above needed to become visible and integrated into a single solution.

Three years ago AutoRestore® installed Aeromark’s Optimatics vehicle tracking. Initially the system was used to record the time on site for each type of repair and provided reliable statistics to enable better forecasting of the duration of a certain type of repair and travel time required between jobs.

However, whilst forecasting can improve the start point, the actual time taken to complete the repair is often not known until the Technician arrives on site and inspects the damage in detail. This variation means that the scheduling of subsequent repairs requires a dynamic approach.

This year AutoRestore® added Aeromark’s scheduling and PDA workflow modules to their solution which provides dynamic planning of their workloads and is updated in real-time from two separate sources. Firstly the tracking system in the vehicle reports on the usage of the generator, providing real-time progress of the repair and secondly, the intuitive PDA controls the workflow which includes photographic documentation at each stage of the repair. Both sources feed back into the planning solution to provide improved predictability of capacity, therefore resulting in increased productivity.

Patrick Dignan, customer experience director at AutoRestore® commented We are delighted to accept this award from Aeromark. Our business is all about utilisation, which means that visibility and productivity are vital, so the move to Aeromark’s scheduling and PDA workflow modules was the next logical step for us in terms of enhancing our business processes and service delivery. Having compared the performance of separate suppliers for scheduling and tracking tasks to a single integrated solution, we believe that our partnership with Aeromark will give us a significant edge in a technology hungry automotive insurance market as well as supporting our world class service benchmarks.

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