Tuesday, 22 October 2013 11:39

Aeromark launches new suite of dynamic web portals for Optimatics

Aeromark launches new suite of dynamic web portals for Optimatics

Aeromark has now released a whole new range of dynamic web portals designed to provide seamless interaction with all external touch points of customers’ process. These are:

Customer Contract Portal

Customer Contract Portal which allows key customers to view the status of their jobs, log new jobs and download documentation such as Gas Safety Certificates automatically produced in real time. The content displayed to the customer is completely configurable by workflow allowing customers to interact with the process e.g. accepting a quote and adding Purchase order numbers which automatically progresses the job.

Subcontractor Portal

Subcontractor Portal combines with email and interacts with any desktop or mobile device the subcontractor may be using to push jobs to subcontractors and receive updates to the jobs in real time. The portal also allows for Subcontractor workflows to be designed that are different from internal engineer workflows displaying and collecting different data.

Engineer Portal

Engineer Portal provides a web based display for when the Engineer is not using a fully functional Aeromark mobile device. It allows the engineer to see the jobs allocated, see the location and route on an interactive map and update the workflows as if the engineer were logged into a mobile device; which is particularly useful before leaving home.

Site Portal

Site Portal is particularly aimed at facilities management applications where a site wishes to see the status of requests they have made, planned maintenance tasks that are scheduled for the site and also to log new calls against defective assets. The portal also interacts with Aeromark Asset QR codes, which when scanned with a smartphone can log defects specifically against the right asset and site.

Tenant Portal

Tenant Portal is specifically designed for use in the Rental, Social Housing and Gas Maintenance Sector and provides a portal for the tenant to access and download CP12 or electrical certificates by entering the number left on their boiler.

These new editions allow for higher quality of data to be captured and enhances the line of communication for all.

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