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Aeromark helps Fleet Managers maintain a high level of service whilst maintaining their fleet

Aeromark helps Fleet Managers maintain a high level of service whilst maintaining their fleet

Aeromark, leader in comprehensive service management solutions, has launched its new Fleet Management module aimed at maximising the utilisation and life of a company’s fleet whilst delivering considerable administration savings.

Designed to help businesses optimise the management of their fleet, Aeromark’s latest module will ensure that Fleet Managers can proactively organise the allocation of company vehicles, taking into account vehicle servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Using data taken from Aeromark vehicle tracking, Fleet Management automatically updates mileage and odometer readings, enabling businesses to accurately forecast vehicle maintenance intervals. Integration of the Fleet Management module with Aeromark scheduling software further increases efficiency as it allows businesses to forecast optimal service points for individual vehicles without compromising customer service level agreements.

Real-time alerts and simple colour coded reminders mean that servicing and MOT’s can be planned well in advance and provisions put in place to minimise downtime. Proactive servicing and maximum utilisation of vehicles can extend the life of a fleet of vehicles; reduce premiums on excess mileage charges on leased vehicles; reduce the risk of accidents whilst also reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

Speaking on the launch of Fleet Management, managing director of Aeromark, Roger Marks said Fleet maintenance should not interfere with the service you deliver to your customers. We recognise the importance of achieving service level agreements whilst at the same time ensuring that vehicles are maintained in an optimal way. Our new maintenance planning module not only helps you continue to deliver an exceptional service, it can also increase your productivity and reduce your overall running costs.

Fleet Management will give businesses complete visibility of manufacturer’s details, financing and disposal, servicing history, Road Fund Licence information, damage, fuel usage, mileage, current driver information and internal recharge. By monitoring the data and utilising the extensive reports available from the solution you can spot irregularities instantly and avoid unplanned critical repair work.

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