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Aeromark - Extract from the Technology parliamentary review 2017

Aeromark - Extract from the Technology parliamentary review 2017

According to the ONS, the UK is struggling in the global productivity ratings. For the Service Sector in particular, one of the key challenges is the efficient execution of business planning and delivery. Aeromark is a leading UK technology provider, whose cloud based software is transforming productivity in the Facilities and Service Management sectors.

Roger Marks, Aeromark Founder & CEO
Roger Marks, Aeromark Founder & CEO

Innovation is a passion

Based in Bedford, Aeromark, led by Founder and CEO Roger Marks, has been developing cloud based software since the mid 1990s, at a time when many were dismissive and often derisive of the idea.

Perseverance, innovation and investment have paid off and today Aeromark’s software “Optimatics” provides one of the most powerful Service Management solutions available, delivering fully interactive configurable workflows for both office and mobile processes, that enable businesses to make game changing efficiency gains.

Innovation, an ability to effectively predict future trends and a capability to execute have been at the heart of Aeromark’s success and continue to drive the future direction.

Software revenues have shown consistent year-on-year growth, which this year set to exceed seven million pounds. This is not only because the software is financially very attractive; with the benefits it brings far out-weighing its costs by as much as 12 times through built-in efficiency delivering more completed jobs per engineer per day, but also because the product drives innovation within organisations that would normally be resistant to change.

Software technology that makes the change easier

Aeromark’s technology, which is web based “Software-as-a-Service” or “SaaS” for short, not only has the capability to run an entire service business just from a web browser and internet connection, but the smart software, which is configured to deliver industry best practice, also automates and optimises many of the processes normally manually administered.

A typical example of the software in action would be a heating maintenance company with field based engineers servicing domestic boilers:

A heating system fails and the customer logs into a website or rings the company. The software creates a job for an engineer to visit, but it also knows all about the fault trends for that make and model of the boiler and how they have been resolved in the past. From the information provided by the customer, the system predicts that a certain part is likely to be required, and in the background checks stock levels in the vans, depots and also key suppliers, automatically placing an order if necessary. It then decides using GPS, which is the optimal engineer and how to route them to collect the part on the way to the customer. The software updates the engineer’s tablet in real time, which also shows the quickest route. The engineer arrives at the customer with the highest chance to get the system up and running quickly avoiding the time and costs of a return visit. The work is completed and updated by the engineer on their tablet and the invoice for the work is created without any manual administration.

150c3c91 5c02 4466 942a 39d3b90ff680The advantage of SaaS

The main advantage of SaaS is that all the software is configured; data is fully managed and hosted by Aeromark who take responsibility for everything from security, backups and business continuity. It also means that customers all use the same software and can benefit automatically from enhancements normally without additional cost. Being centrally managed by Aeromark also means change becomes easier to deliver.

What makes Aeromark very different is the unique all-inclusive commercial model. Aeromark believe that the high Professional Services charges normally associated with IT and Software projects drives defensive, over-cautious, less ambitious specification and serves to prevent adoption and restrict innovation.

So, Aeromark simply don’t charge for the implementation of their software or for ongoing change. The cost of this is factored into their licensing model once it’s all up and running.

For customers, this takes away much if the risk in selecting and investing in new technologies; as all they need to start their journey is a detailed understanding of their problems, rather than their own clear insight of how to select technology that they may not fully understand. It also means that the financial benefits coincide with the costs, so return on investment becomes instant.

The future is bright for SaaS and UK productivity

The good news is that adoption rates for SaaS solutions, once the choice of the brave, are now embraced by transforming businesses, eager to take advantage of the benefits the technology can deliver. Top analysts are predicting the current +/-20% annual growth in SaaS adoption is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Service Management businesses are primarily attracted to the real time visibility and data which SaaS solutions can provide, connecting a remote on-the-move workforce with office based teams and third party partners. This visibility supports efficient planning and re-planning of customer activity and just in time procurement, increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving Service Level Agreement achievement rates. Further integration with Finance assures the accurate capture and reporting of revenue and job costs.

Of course with the implementation of a highly configurable SaaS solution comes the opportunity to leverage the collective brain of the business to configure the system to deliver the most efficient processes for today and the flexibility to re-engineer and scale in the future, with a significantly reduced cost of and time to change. This flexibility empowers businesses to take on customers in existing and new geographies with challenging complexity, confident that they will be able to deliver.

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