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Aeromark enhances Map based Scheduling with active filtering

Aeromark enhances Map based Scheduling with active filtering

Matching the right resource with the right skills and parts to the right job, first time every time, can be a minefield for any business.

Our workforce scheduling software helps you to schedule your resources in the most effective way for your business and your customers.

Optimatics map based scheduling with quick filtering is designed to take the guesswork out of planning jobs for your mobile workforce, allowing you to maximise the productivity of your business. The jobs are dynamically linked to skill set and SLA’s and displayed on a map to allow planners to see exactly how to create an optimum route. Planning becomes as simple as joining the dots and the system builds the routes and forecasts travel times for you.

Once your workforce schedules are in place and optimised our software sends job details and instructions directly to your resources mobile devices and/or tablets. As web based software the solution works with a variety of devices and varying levels of access are available to suit the needs of your customers and subcontractors. Office based staff can then see job progress at every stage of the service request and pro-actively manage service levels via a configurable Gantt chart.

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