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Wells & Young’s used Optimatics to enhance business efficiency

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Wells and Young Case Study Wells and Young Case Study


Wells & Young’s, the UK’s largest independent brewery, is rolling out Aeromark’s next level of telematics solution, Optimatics™, to its mobile cellar service engineers. Optimatics will enable Wells & Young’s to improve customer service, increase business efficiencies and operate in line with its environmental policy.

Wells and Young’s Brewing Company was formed in 2006 from the brewing and brands divisions of Charles Wells Ltd and Young and Co plc, to form the UK’s largest private brewery. All of the Wells and Young’s beers are brewed with the accredited natural mineral water from the brewery’s very own well, sunk over 100 years ago. Wells & Young’s brews and distributes some of the UK’s favourite ale brands and some of the world’s most famous lager beers, including: Wells Bombardier, Young’s, Courage, Red Stripe, Corona Extra and Estrella Damm.


Wells And Young Case Study

Solution & Benefits

It is becoming increasingly important that we are able to provide our customers with accurate information around the achievement of our contracted service level agreements (SLAs). By providing us with increased visibility of our field cellar service engineers, Optimatics will help us to improve how we manage our mobile workers and to more effectively monitor our key performance indicators. This increased visibility will help us to deliver accurate reporting information to our customers, at the same time as allowing us to continually improve the service we offer to them, stated Guy Shreeves, director, customer service and quality at Wells & Young’s.

Aeromark’s Optimatics solution, with its fully integrated workforce planning and scheduling and vehicle tracking application combined with Aeromark’s Workflow DynMX PDA™ workflow technology, has provided Wells & Young’s with a field service management solution that meets its individual requirements.

The brewing industry is very traditional and it has been exciting to work closely with Wells & Young’s as it recognised that a proactive approach to the deployment of leading edge technology would delivery significant business benefits, said Roger Marks, managing director of Aeromark.

We carried out research into potential solution providers and chose Aeromark once we realised that Optimatics would provide a management tool which would help to increase business efficiencies across the organisation. Crucially it will also help us to reduce our carbon footprint, continued Shreeves.

Optimatics will allow Wells & Young’s to plan its service cellar engineers’ daily jobs more effectively in order to maximise their productivity. Importantly, the company will be able to reduce fuel usage and resulting CO2 emissions through more efficient planning. Optimatics will also help to raise the level of communication between the cellar engineers working in the field and the Wells & Young’s back office admin team.

Optimatics will replace Wells & Young’s paper based managed system, again helping the company to operate in line with its environmental policy, with full electronic job despatch and job status update functionality. The ability to capture this data in the field and its automatic transfer from the engineer via a handheld mobile computer to the back office will cut the administration time associated with manual data input. This also reduces the need for Wells & Young’s engineers to return to base to collect and deliver job information, once more reducing fuel consumption.

The data captured by Optimatics is quickly and easily viewed through Smartdash, Aeromark’s graphical user interface reporting tool, concluded Shreeves. By providing visibility of our engineers we will be able to identify where operational costs can be cut, productivity can be optimised and customer service levels raised. The flexibility of Optimatics will allow us to configure reports that exactly match our business’ specific KPIs and will deliver evidence of just how effective Wells & Young’s is at meeting its SLAs.

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