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RMS use Aeromark Optimatics to deliver efficient repairs service

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Part of Newham Council, Repairs and Maintenance Services (RMS) are committed to providing a first class, accessible and efficient repairs service, to meet tenancy and lease conditions and maintain property to a good standard within the London borough of Newham. RMS carry out 60,000 jobs per annum, making in excess of 90,000 journeys/appointments, undertaking planned maintenance and emergency repairs.



Newham – RMS van fleet RMS have 138 operative vehicles carrying out repairs and maintenance within a small six by four mile area. They had a lack of visibility and accountability of their resources, no way of verifying their location and time spent on site. They incurred penalty charges for missed appointments and were only capturing a partial audit trail.

Repair Service Case Study

Solution & Benefits

Now when a tenant submits a complaint regarding non attendance RMS use the Aeromark software to investigate the claim, which has resulted in a number of complaints being refuted. Accurate monitoring of operative locations and arrival and departure times with Aeromark Vehicle Tracking has reduced the number of penalty charges the company incurs for non attendance on a monthly basis and has even reduced the number of non attendances by operatives.

One particular complaint received by the Council led to an investigation which saved them up to 10% of the cost of installing the system.

A range of reports are emailed on a regular basis or available through Aeromark’s intuitive web interface on an ad hoc basis and are used for monitoring time keeping. Used in conjunction with an employee bonus scheme this has helped the team to accept the implementation of the service management technology. Rewarding employees for their hard work and removing unnecessary paperwork from their daily routines. By linking the tracking system to the new bonus scheme RMS has created a direct link between attendance hours and work completed. Productivity has risen dramatically over the last three years across all operatives.

Aeromark Optimatics has helped us to deliver a better service by providing us with reliable data and true visibility of our resources, and in addition we have seen a vast increase in productivity and a significant reduction in penalty charges., commented Tony Abbs, Operations Director, RMS


The Management team at RMS really value the system and are looking to extend the contract. Designed to be intuitive the solution requires minimal training and fully integrates with RMS’s back office systems, however Aeromark Account Managers are working with the team to ensure that they are utilising the system to its fullest and maximising their return on investment.

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