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Menzies increase customer confidence with Aeromark vehicle tracking

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Leading airfreight company Menzies Aviation were quick to realise the benefits of using vehicle tracking when they installed Aeromark vehicle tracking equipment back in 1998. Since then, the flexibility of the system has allowed Menzies to upgrade to the latest level of technology and to take advantage of 21st century developments.

The vehicle tracking system, manufactured by Aeromark of Bedford enables managers at Menzies, Heathrow to see the exact location of each of its 22 land side delivery vehicles: wherever they are on the UK’s roads.


Menzies Case Study

Solution & Benefits

As well as knowing the location of each delivery vehicle, a journey log is automatically made of every trip. The log records the route taken by the driver together with other vital management information such as the amount of time taken for compulsory driver breaks. Communication is another area where Aerotrack vehicle tracking has made life easier for the control staff at Menzies. Messages can be sent to the driver by phone or text via the internet giving details of pick-ups or other instructions. Knowing the precise location of the whole fleet enables managers to direct the vehicle best placed to handle the job and so reduce unnecessary journey time. Satellite navigation then directs the driver to the pick-up address simply by entering the customer’s postcode into the system.

Jan Rowlands, Menzies’ general manager of trucking operations said: The Aeromark system is very user friendly and means that we can see exactly where everyone is all the time: that’s a big advantage for a transport manager. Last year we upgraded the system so that we can use ‘Google Earth’ to view the delivery fleet. We use a large plasma screen here in the office and can see to within a few feet where all the trucks are on the road. This helps us keep customers informed about the status of their consignments and increases their confidence that deadlines will be met.


Menzies is currently evaluating a further facility on the Aeromark vehicle tracking system that enables electronic ‘paperwork’ detailing pick-ups and deliveries to be sent to and from the office. This means that the information can be processed immediately back at base, resulting in quicker invoicing and greater document security. The electronic paperwork facility is provided free by Aeromark and is operated inexpensively via the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service).

Aeromark manufactures a wide range of systems to provide fleet operators with tracking, control, communication and interactivity with their fleets wherever they are to enhance safety, productivity, customer service and staff working conditions.

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