Motivair transforms the efficiency of its service operation

Industry Sector

Compressed Air Management


56 engineers

Key Drivers

Sustainability and utilisation of resources including business fleet and service engineers

Summary of Benefits

Motivair use analytics to monitor efficiency trends within their business processes. They have seen a reduction in mileage, fuel use and CO2 emissions, eliminated paper forms and increased productivity resulting in additional benefits.


Motivair is the UK’s largest compressed air management company, offering a range of products and services, including: flexible service packages; 24/7 emergency breakdown support; compressed air equipment & accessories; consultancy & support services.

Motivair offers the most comprehensive compressed air management support available, giving peace of mind to customers worldwide.

Solution & Benefits

Sustainability has become increasingly important as a result of the demands placed on UK organisations regarding environmental, economic and social responsibility.

Following a review of its processes Motivair identified a need for improved efficiency regarding the management of its nationwide resources. The organisation’s existing systems were not making efficient use of its team of service engineers or its fleet of vehicles, resulting in unnecessary journeys, inflated fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Aeromark’s Optimatics technology uses GPS tracking located within the service vehicles integrated with intuitive mobile workflows and analytics modules to provide a clear picture of operational efficiency. The system not only provides Motivair with full visibility of engineer movements, it also allows job progress to be monitored in order to measure performance, highlight inefficiencies and make improvements based on accurate data.

The system enables the dynamic allocation and reallocation of jobs to service engineers based on current location, specific skill set and parts available. This functionality assists the central service coordinators at Motivair Head Office in Staffordshire to respond efficiently to all customer service calls.

Since implementing Optimatics technology Motivair has:
•     Cut average mileage per day per engineer by 35 miles through route optimisation
•     Reduced CO2 emissions by 182.75 tonnes per year
•     Eliminated all paper forms associated with customer call outs saving over 5000 pieces of paper per month, the equivalent of eight trees per year
•    Increased the number of jobs completed per day per engineer by 1.1, reducing response times and improving customer service


In the longer term, it is believed that further environmental benefits will be gained through a reduction in vehicle maintenance. By ensuring even wear and tear across their fleet through effective allocation of company vehicles Motivair will reduce the need for servicing and replacement parts such as tyres that often end up in landfill sites.

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