Aeromark service management software transforms service productivity for Flowrite

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100 engineers Nationwide

Key Drivers

Planners have complete visibility of allocated and non-allocated tasks and are able to proactively manage jobs scheduled in real time.

Summary of Benefits

  • Complete visibility
  • Increased operations efficiency
  • Improved productivity
  • Manage Jobs in real time
  • Accurate parts ordering
  • Better first time fix rates


Flowrite Services was looking for a system that would help improve the management of their customers assets including fridges, freezers, air conditioning, ventilation, cellar cooling and drink dispensers, and to optimise its service operation for planned and reactive  maintenance.

The previous system was based on email and digital pens completing job sheets, which resulted in a considerable amount of lost time in the field as planning was manual and communication was not always accurate resulting in not satisfying customers critical data requirements.

They needed a system that provided exceptional service, accurate data and real time information to ensure reactive jobs were planned quickly and efficiently.

Solution & Benefits

Aeromark offered a smarter mobile workforce technology to schedule, manage and communicate with engineers and as a result, productivity in the field has improved by 20% and as a result of better scheduling, mileage per job has reduced by 30%.

Optimatics provides Flowrite Services with a solution for Asset Management, Workforce Scheduling, QR Code technology, integrated mobile workflows, vehicle tracking and Mobility Apps to connect engineers to the office.

This system provides all the information including site history to ensure the engineer has the right information every time; which results in greater efficiency, accurate parts ordering and better first-time fix rates; even the job sheets are created in real time and are emailed as the engineer leaves the job.


The HVAC facilities will continue to be maintained and features on the system will be developed to meet the needs of the business.


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