Capita IT managed services increases productivity and cuts operating costs

Industry Sector

IT managed services


200 engineers

Key Drivers

Part of a business transformation programme to improve visibility and communication

Summary of Benefits

  • Complete visibility of mobile workforce and job status
  • Accurate, real-time data
  • Jobs completed more efficiently
  • Improved communication
  • Reduced administration and paperwork
  • Engineers take most direct route
  • More auditable
  • Improved SLA’s
  • Return on investment 12:1


Capita Managed IT Solutions has undertaken a major transformation programme to help deliver better value to their customers, both in innovative high quality IT services and lower costs. As part of this programme, they identified that their mobile workforce were using a range of tool-sets and processes depending on sector or region and a more consistent approach was needed. It was also evident that technology and improved processes were required to effectively manage the engineers; to improve visibility and communication, helping to reduce costs and increase productivity, whilst improving their service offering.

Solution & Benefits

Aeromark worked closely with Capita to successfully implement Optimatics including scheduling, mobile workflows, job despatch, vehicle tracking and analysis. Aeromark continue to work with the company to deliver complete visibility of their mobile workforce and job status.

Jobs are now logged in Service Link where the system and planners use accurate, live (real-time) data to select the best resource for each job, based on skills and location. This functionality means that Capita get the most appropriate resource to each job and jobs are completed more efficiently.

Engineers now receive, accept and update the status of each job via their mobile device improving communication, reducing administration and paperwork and improving the job closure to invoice process. Engineers navigate to the customer site using integrated satellite navigation on their mobile device ensuring that they are taking the most direct route.

Business critical information is passed in real time and engineers can capture customer signatures on the mobile device as proof of service. Once a job is completed the information is fully integrated into Capita’s existing service desk system.

With increased visibility of their resources and real time transfer of information, Capita’s business processes are now much more auditable, with details of each stage of the workflow, from job receipt to completion. Visibility of job history and contractual commitment has improved: allowing Capita to improve SLA’s and enhance the level of service offered to existing customers.

The successful deployment of Optimatics has also resulted in significant improvements in engineering productivity which has helped to cut operating costs, reduce emissions and in turn increase profitability, delivering a return on investment of 12:1.


Unlike previous mobile management systems, this next generation system which uses Dynamic Workflow Technology has the flexibility to continuously innovate as the organisation evolves. This provides Capita with the capability to extend and adapt the service with future company growth.

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