Optimatics for Facilities Management

Specialists in fire safety, security, testing and inspections, cleaning, property maintenance, catering, electrics, HVAC, refrigeration and more can find it challenging to schedule and dispatch their field based workers. Choosing the right facilities management software is vital to improve business efficiency and service levels. Companies turn to Aeromark Optimatics to get the right resource to the right place at the right time.                     

Aeromark work with some of the world’s leading Facilities Management companies to maximise the utilisation of existing resources. By streamlining your processes, increasing visibility of your resources, removing unnecessary paperwork and intelligently scheduling your field based workforce, Aeromark Optimatics can increase your productivity by up to 40%.

Used by planning teams all over the UK to schedule and dispatch tens of thousands of facilities workers on a daily basis, Aeromark maximises the utilisation of your existing resources, reducing waste and helping your business remain competitive.

Optimatics is designed to ensure that you get the right resource to the right place at the right time, relaying data regarding inspections in real-time and reducing the penalties faced by businesses in the facilities sector resulting in an increase in service levels.

Ask us about Asset Management, Service Management, Workforce Scheduling, Mobile Apps and GPS Tracking for increased visibility and scheduling dedicated to your facilities management.

Our software modules can also be integrated with your existing systems to help you achieve more.

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