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Optimatics for Food Retail

Catering equipment, refrigeration equipment, lighting, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrics and many more assets can cause servicing to be a nightmare. Companies turn to Aeromark Optimatics because we help take the stress out of managing the workforce that takes care of your retail outlet.

Operating efficiently within an industry as competitive as the food retail industry requires excellent Field Service Management. Aeromark have been helping food retail companies maximise the use of their field based teams, to ensure that their stores continue to be able to deliver an excellent service, around the clock for many years.

Optimatics handles everything from Asset Management, inbound calls to report an issue in a store, annual servicing, emergency repairs, scheduling the right engineer to fix the problem first time, real-time updates from the field and management information.

Retailers can now instantly track where engineers are located and quickly identify which is the nearest person to a job. This has resulted in improved productivity and efficiency which in turn enables you to offer better services to your customers.

Optimatics provides you with a full audit of every single asset, customer and job in a single system allowing you to complete real-time reports on performance or historical reports to help improve your operations. Our software gives you the visibility you need to pro-actively manage seasonal demand within the industry and respond rapidly to emergency events. By ensuring your business is prepared for every eventuality you can deliver an excellent service first time, every time.

Ask us about Asset Management, Service Management, Workforce Scheduling, Mobile Apps and GPS Tracking for a more effective mobile workforce dedicated to your food retail outlets.

Our software modules can also be integrated with your existing systems to help you achieve more.

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