How does Workforce Scheduling work?

Optimatics Workforce Scheduling supports your office based teams by allowing them to plan appointments based on their perceived best approach and then providing them with the ability to optimise the routes and schedules based on intelligent real-time data.


We help you find the optimum level of scheduling for your organisation by taking a staged approach to implementation. To ensure that the functionality meets the needs of your business we add a little at a time. This method of implementation allows you to see the efficiency gains achieved at each level and evaluate the return on investment you’re likely to see by moving to the next level.

Once your workforce schedules are in place and optimised the software sends job details and instructions direct to your resources mobile devices and/or tablets. As web based software the solution works with a variety of devices and varying levels of access are available to suit the needs of your sub-contractors and your customers.

Office based staff can then see job progress at every stage of the service request and pro-actively manage service levels via a configurable Gantt chart.

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