How does Service & Asset Management work?

Optimatics Service & Asset Management module provides your business with complete visibility and a full audit trail of your business activities regarding assets, customers, contracts, warranties and servicing.


The multiple search options available offers flexibility to your office based staff when searching for information and provides them with the ability to raise new service requests, access job history and update customers on the progress of their current service within seconds.

When linked with our Workforce Scheduling module call handlers can ask the system to suggest the best resource for a job or add a job to an unallocated list of pending jobs for a planner to schedule and manage.

All data is held on Aeromark services with a mirrored version on site at your premises for disaster recovery and security purposes. Should you suffer a loss of data, we can immediately restore your files.

So simple to use, our software requires minimal training and is configured to your business processes in order to make implementation and day-to-day management of your operations as easy as possible.

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