How does Mobile Apps work?

Optimatics Mobile apps allow you to automate data capture relating to time and attendance, risk assessments, vehicle checks, customer sign off and more, removing mundane, time consuming, expensive paperwork by giving your employees the tools to complete their job onsite more efficiently.


We understand your employees may have different requirements in terms of the device they need to carry out the job, which is why our web based software can be used on a wide range of devices. We believe that the device should be chosen based on functionality by your employees and we even offer sub-contractor solutions to help you deliver a seamless service to your customers.

Designed to support your field based staff in a variety of working conditions, our mobile apps work both offline and online allowing them to complete their work with or without connectivity. Work details are then stored and forwarded as soon as the device is back online.

Mobile apps are as agile as possible and allow you to make changes quickly and easily ensuring they always reflect your business requirements. Should you wish to make any changes to your workflows, there will not be any additional professional service charges incurred as all changes are included in your pre-agreed, affordable, monthly software license.

Once your processes are completed and the customer has signed to say that they’re happy with the results the data captured on the app is sent straight back to your office, once received you can issue the necessary invoices to your customer at the touch of a button.

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