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Great communication is vital to ensuring effective customer service and relationship management.

Our Service & Asset Management software is designed to facilitate your customers need for instant updates on job progress and service entitlement.

Service & Asset Management – Features

  • Central storage for all your service management information
  • Complete visibility of business data
  • Raise new service requests
  • Access payments/invoicing information; Access job history
  • Link your processes with sub-contractor portals; Full reporting capability

Service & Asset Management – Benefits

  • Flexible for office based staff to search for customers, assets and servicing information
  • Full audit trails of your business activity
  • Business continuity
  • Effective customer service and relationship management
  • Provide your customers with instant updates on job progress

"Aeromark has dramatically increased the efficiency of our business, improving productivity in the field by 25%. Our processes have been optimised, from the initial customer call to final certification and invoice. This has improved the management of our customer’s assets, their maintenance and the efficiency of more than 400 field-based Service Engineers and Sub-contractors"

- Operations Director, Market Leader, Security and Fire Solutions

How does Service & Asset Management work?

Optimatics Service & Asset Management module provides your business with complete visibility and a full audit trail of your business activities regarding assets, customers, contracts, warranties and servicing.

The multiple search options available offers flexibility to your office based staff when searching for information and provides them with the ability to raise new service requests, access job history and update customers on the progress of their current service within seconds.

When linked with our Workforce Scheduling module call handlers can ask the system to suggest the best resource for a job or add a job to an unallocated list of pending jobs for a planner to schedule and manage.

All data is held on Aeromark servers with a mirrored version on site at your premises for disaster recovery and security purposes. Should you suffer a loss of data, we can immediately restore your files.

As Optimatics is so simple to use, our software requires minimal training and is configured to your business processes in order to make implementation and day-to-day management of your operations as easy as possible.....

Our Service & Asset Management module is just one part of our complete Optimatics service management solution.

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    Service Planning Screenshot
    Automate planned servicing of assets in order for the system to raise the jobs as the deadline approaches, ensuring proactive service management
    Service Planning Screenshot
    As an administrator you can add, amend, delete and manage data in one central location. Assets, contacts, contracts, customers, priorities, sub-contractor information and users.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Manage your Service & Asset Management system users and their permissions in relation to their job title and responsibilities.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Using the multiple search functions your office based staff can find and manage customer service requests quickly and easily.
GPS Software Screenshots

 Features at a glance

Our GPS Tracking solutions give our customers the visibility required to control their fuel costs, improve security and automate time and attendance. Track your vehicles and field based staff in real-time 24/7, 365 using our reliable web based telematics technology.

 Reduced Costs
 Fuel Efficiency
 Automated Timesheets
 HMRC Compliant
 Detailed Reporting

For smart service businesses, knowing exactly where your field based employees are is essential in ensuring your business is operating at optimum efficiency. This increased visibility allows your teams to make better decisions regarding job allocation and improve overall customer service.

GPS Tracking – Features

  • Complete visibility of your resources in real-time
  • Live mapping to allocate jobs
  • Accurate data with 30 second intervals
  • Auto self check every evening to alert you of any issues with your fleet
  • Driver Behaviour and debrief module
  • Real-time and automated reporting available
  • Detailed analysis
  • Additional functionality: CAN bus monitoring, high security packages and fleet maintenance
  • GPS tracking integrated with other mobile workforce management software

GPS Tracking – Benefits

  • Easy to implement
  • Reduce fuel costs, mileage and CO2 emissions
  • HMRC compliant
  • Variety of solutions for mobile and vehicle tracking
  • Requires minimal training
  • Control overtime costs
  • Respond quicker to customer requests
  • Allocate jobs more quickly; Effective monitoring of field based staff; Proven to generate ROI
  • No paper based processes, such as time sheets & mileage claim forms

We originally chose Aeromark’s tracking system because it is best of breed and their single integrated approach to technology offered us the development that we were looking for in the longer term. Aeromark’s iterative approach suits our business well as we can continue to improve without disruption at a pace that fits our business.

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How does GPS Tracking work?

Each of the vehicles you want to track is fitted with a small tracking device. These contain GPS technology, real-time information about location, speed and distance is captured and sent back in real time. We then make the vehicle tracking information available to you in your password protected customer portal.

Our team work with you to arrange installation at a convenient time ensuring minimal disruption for your customers.

The system then enables you to see where your resources are located and their status through a colour coded map. Additional functionality will allow you to drill down to more detailed information, for example right clicking a specific colour will tell you the route history, today’s route etc. All of which is vital to make game changing decisions and achieve optimum efficiency.

Live mapping increases your visibility to monitor your field based staff more effectively and have the ability to allocate a job quicker and respond quicker to customer requests.

Enhancements can be made to the Aeromark GPS tracking according to the needs of your business. When linked with our workforce scheduling module, your business efficiency increases significantly and your return on investment grows.

Additional Info

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    Service Planning Screenshot
    Visual confirmation of your resources location and their status in a simple, colour coded map. Make use of additional functionality to drill down to more detailed information and allocate work effectively.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Right click on a resource for more options such as route history, today’s route etc… Purple icons show business specific locations and provide you with more insight into your daily activities and journeys.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    The “bird’s eye” view and/or “aerial” view offer a more detailed picture of your resources whereabouts. Configured to show direction of travel and street names where required.

Downtime on equipment is costly and has a negative impact on food safety levels. Using sophisticated sensors, the Smart IoT solution constantly monitors the temperature of all fridges and freezers on site. This data is then transmitted and then integrated into the Optimatics service and asset management module.
This complete solution allows you to see, at a glance, the performance of all linked units and can predict future maintenance requirements.


  • Completely self contained, wireless system - Plug-and-Play
  • Designed for accurate remote temperature monitoring
  • Programmable “over-temperature periods”
  • Fully integrated multi-channel network
  • 868MHz communication with a range of 25m between transceiver and repeaters
  • User replaceable lithium batteries with an operating life of 1yr+
  • User calibration routines and configurations
  • Simple integration with Aeromark Optimatics
  • Able to provide full history of all connected devices
  •  Auto engineer allocation dependant on set rules

Site Transceiver Unit:

Single 230V base transceiver unit installed in each store that communicates via mobile GSM network ( no on site internet or wifi required )
Supplied with or without integrated SIM and Network connectivity
Large site support: up to 512 remote sensors per base
Manufactured in the UK by Aeromark under ISO9001
CE Approved

Remote Sensors:

3 Versions available to suit equipment and environment
Simple install, battery powered magnetic remote Temp sensor -40 + 85C +/- 1 deg C
Licence free multi-channel 868 Mhz
Temp alarm thresholds ( with validation periods and multi-count )
Regular temperature reporting ( configurable )
Battery level reported
Target battery life in excess of 15 months with normal 30 min reporting duty cycle. ( 3 x Standard AA lithium battery - change every annual maintenance )

Web Based Software-as-a-Service

Web Based Dashboard per site showing current temperature per asset, Average, Max and Min over last period
History of temperatures per asset
Central Control Wallboard showing multi-site compliance  
Alarms by Email or SMS available per site
Full integration with Aeromark Workforce Management Software, automatically raises Request on Temp Alarm which follows configurable workflow, Temp profile against asset.
False alarm protection and duplication removal
Can raise job and automatically dispatch to best engineer
Mobile Apps Software Screenshots

 Features at a glance

Your apps should be agile enough to change in line with your business processes and unlike our competitors we don’t charge for making those changes. If you’re looking for ePOD, field service apps or something more bespoke, we can help.

 Easy to Use and Implement
 Increased Efficiency
 Reduced Paperwork
 Improved Service
 Inclusive Changes

Using Optimatics Mobile Apps to communicate with your field based teams ensures they always have the information they need instantly. Our easy to use mobile apps allow you to design and build your own forms, within minutes, for use on a range of mobile devices.

We also offer customised workflows configured to your business, to guide your employees through each stage of the job, to ensure that the correct information is gathered for completion of each job.

Mobile Apps – Features

  • Connects your external resources to the office
  • Real-time access to customer information
  • Designed to be agile for quick and easy changes
  • Automated data capture relating to time and attendance
  • Supports your field based staff in a variety of working conditions
  • Ongoing developments to the software means you will always be working on the latest version of mobile software
  • Data captured is sent directly to the office

Mobile Apps – Benefits

  • Supports your team in any situation
  • Works both offline and online
  • Compatible on a variety of devices; Always in line with your business processes
  • Improved productivity and efficiency; Increased employee job satisfaction
  • No professional service charge should you need to make changes
  • Integrates with numerous field service management softwares; Data is captured quicker; Removes paperwork
  • Speeds up invoicing

"Swale has seen considerable growth over the last 5 years and we recognised that we needed to invest in the very best software and mobile technology to prepare us for the next 10 years.
Following a market search, we identified Aeromark as being the transformational product we were looking for"

- Steve Parish, Chief Information Officer, Swale Heating

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"The system has some really clever technology especially related to parts sourcing. Once the Engineer has diagnosed the fault at the click of a button on their tablet the mobile app opens up an exploded diagram of the boiler, the part is identified and the app then sends the order to be automatically price and availability checked against all Wolseley UK depots. Depending on the travel time to fetch the part and the cost, the system seamlessly orders the part for immediate collection. We expect this feature alone to improve our first time fix rates considerably"

How does Mobile Apps work?

Optimatics Mobile apps allow you to automate data capture relating to time and attendance, risk assessments, vehicle checks, customer sign off and more, removing mundane, time consuming, expensive paperwork by giving your employees the tools to complete their job onsite more efficiently.

We understand your employees may have different requirements in terms of the device they need to carry out the job, which is why our web based software can be used on a wide range of devices. We believe that the device should be chosen based on functionality by your employees and we even offer sub-contractor solutions to help you deliver a seamless service to your customers.

Designed to support your field based staff in a variety of working conditions, our mobile apps work both offline and online allowing them to complete their work with or without connectivity. Work details are then stored and forwarded as soon as the device is back online.

Mobile apps are as agile as possible and allow you to make changes quickly and easily ensuring they always reflect your business requirements. Should you wish to make any changes to your workflows, there will not be any additional professional service charges incurred as all changes are included in your pre-agreed, affordable, monthly software license.

Once your processes are completed and the customer has signed to say that they’re happy with the results the data captured on the app is sent straight back to your office, once received you can issue the necessary invoices to your customer at the touch of a button.

Document Manager

We have recently added an exciting new feature to our workforce management software called Document Manager, to help you gain complete control over all types of documents such as quality manuals, operating procedures, project plans, codes of practice, health and safety compliance, product manuals and more.

Optimatics Document Manager is designed to manage documents and distribution in one simple to use interface.

Document Manager

Benefits of Docs Manager:

  • Central storage and management for all your documents
  • Access documents on the move
  • Automated document review and approval
  • Quickly chase outstanding approvals
  • Ensure the most up to date documents are shared across the company
  • Easily restrict older versions of documents
  • Effortlessly comply with business processes

This new feature provides document libraries by skill sets and roles with full change control, allowing administrators to review, approve, modify and distribute documents to your mobile workforce.

Once your documents have been uploaded and distributed, our software can then send notifications of important changes to employee mobile apps and track the read compliance and acknowledgement.

By including this feature to Optimatics field service management, businesses are able to streamline their processes, in an organised paperless way, saving time and increasing productivity.

One of the unique advantages when using Document Manager with our mobile apps is the way that the documents are distributed.  We recognised that distributing large documents to mobile devices need to be carefully managed, to avoid using all the mobile bandwidth, which is needed for more critical transfer such as job data. So our unique Binary Token Protocol (BTP) with data packet prioritisation has been enhanced, for any changes in the document library to be broken up into small packets, de-prioritised and only sent when there is spare capacity in the mobile bandwidth. This means that sending documents to your employees handheld devices will not have an impact on other business critical data.

In addition, documents can be dynamically linked to workflows. This means for example, that a user who hasn’t read an important new Health and Safety document is not allowed to proceed until they have.

Additional Info

  • Screenshots


    Service Planning Screenshot
    Design the mobile forms to reflect your needs and send work instructions to your staff instantly
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Field based staff can input data into the form for real-time transfer back to the office.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Complete with signature capture, photographs and GPS options for added functionality.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Once data is transferred back to the office your office based staff can access a full audit history of every job including data captured on the device.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Whatever your industry sector you can complete certificates, risk assessments and more using mobiles, tablets and other devices quickly and efficiently.

We would like to take this opportunity to discuss the benefits of Aeromark Optimatics technology within your organisation. We are a single platform solution designed for Maintenance Management, configured to your maintenance needs.

Optimatics provides end to end processes for maintenance. Our platform gives you complete control, visibility and a full auditable history trail. Planned maintenance is automatically scheduled, faulty equipment is efficiently and accurately reported; the asset database is automatically & accurately updated through the use of technology. Reporting functionality is comprehensive, you can report on any captured variable such as by site, by asset, by subcontractor, which means that you have better information available for decision making

Our customers tell the story of how Optimatics has positively benefited their business operations…click our customer logos to read more.

To see how Aeromark can benefit your business, please contact us so we can understand more about what you would like to achieve

We would like to take this opportunity to discuss the benefits of Aeromark Optimatics technology within your organisation. We are a single platform, solution especially designed for Field Service and configurable to match your business processes. Our customers tell the story of how Optimatics increased productivity and efficiency….click our customer logos to read more.

Arcus Solutions Chose Aeromark Arcus Solutions
"Aeromark's agile approach combined with the power and flexibility of their Optimatics technology has enabled our entire business process to be optimised and aligned with best practice. This has resulted in over 50% reduction in touch-points, statutory paper records have been replaced with electronic documentation and we have seen a significant, reduction in fuel and wasted time" READ MORE
Flowrite Chose Aeromark Flowrite
Flowrite Services Ltd needed a system that would help manage their customers assets and 100 engineers nationwide. With Optimatics, Flowrite achieved a 30% fuel reduction and 20% more jobs per day.
Saltire Chose Aeromark Saltire
Saltire needed a system that would manage 300 engineers. With Optimatics, Saltire can ensure their 24/7 call centre allocates jobs to engineers in real time through mobile application & also prompts job status through workflows.
Kings Security Chose AeromarkKings Security
Kings needed a system that would help manage 300 engineers. With Optimatics, Kings achieved a 25% productivity increase, 30% service levels increase and replaced over 500,000 paper records with automated electronic documentation.
Greggs Chose AeromarkGreggs
Greggs needed a system that would help manage their service supply chain. With Optimatics, Greggs achieved a 60% productivity boost in their service supply chain, 30% service levels increase and increased the number of jobs per day.

If this is of interest, please email Danny(Dannyc@aeromark.co.uk) or alternatively call 0845 330 5757

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 Features at a glance

  Single Platform Solution
  Future-proof Technology
  Maximum Efficiency
  Seamless Integration

Combined, our Optimatics modules provide one of the most powerful Service Management software solutions available, delivering fully interactive workflows for both office and mobile processes that enables businesses to make game changing efficiency gains.

Click on one of the four modules below to read more and discover how Optimatics can improve your business

We also offer a opportunity to see Optimatics working with a demonstration. A member of our team will be able to show you a live view of Optimatics and enable you to see just how this powerful service management software can work for you. To arrange a demonstration use the link at the bottom of the page, alternatively contact us for any queries you may have.

Workforce Scheduling Software Screenshot

 Features at a glance

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer a range of functionality with each tier of our scheduling software. We have scheduling software to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

 Increased Productivity
 Reduced Costs
 Customer Satisfaction
 Sub-contractor Solutions
 Easy to Use and Implement

Matching the right resource with the right skills and the right parts to the right job first time every time can be a minefield for any business. Our workforce scheduling software helps you to schedule your resources in the most effective manner for your business and your customers.

Optimatics has been designed to effectively manage contractors with a mix of planned and reactive work, maximising utilistation and encouraging multi-intervention (explained below). This results in an increased number of jobs completed each day.

Whatever the level of scheduling and route optimisation you’re looking for we can help. From simple drag and drop planning boards to fully automated, dynamic scheduling our scheduling software offers the perfect level of functionality for your business.

Right Resource, First Time!

Workforce Scheduling – Features

  • 7 levels of scheduling to choose from
  • Supports your office based team
  • Optimise routes and schedules based on real time live data
  • Service requests in optimum order
  • Customer details and job instructions sent direct to your resources devices
  • Real time Service Level Agreement data
  • Various levels of access available
  • Manage service levels via a configurable Gantt chart.

Workforce Scheduling – Benefits

  • Visibility of workforce and workloads
  • Configured to your business
  • Efficiency gains achieved at each level of development
  • Staged approach to implementation
  • Increased resource satisfaction; Complete more jobs per day
  • Works with a variety of devices
  • Improved customer service
  • Integrates with a vast number of service management modules

…the functionality of the system has enabled us to increase our average jobs per week per engineer.

A testimonial from Capita

How does Workforce Scheduling work?

Optimatics Workforce Scheduling supports your office based teams by allowing them to plan appointments based on their perceived best approach and then providing them with the ability to optimise the routes and schedules based on intelligent real-time data.

We help you find the optimum level of scheduling for your organisation by taking a staged approach to implementation. To ensure that the functionality meets the needs of your business we add a little at a time. This method of implementation allows you to see the efficiency gains achieved at each level and evaluate the return on investment you’re likely to see by moving to the next level.

Once your workforce schedules are in place and optimised the software sends job details and instructions direct to your resources mobile devices and/or tablets. As web based software the solution works with a variety of devices and varying levels of access are available to suit the needs of your sub-contractors and your customers.

Multi-intervention scheduling offered by Optimatics grants the scheduler full visibility of additional tasks on a particular site or close by. This allows the scheduler to maximise the engineer's activity and minimise unproductive driving time.

Office based staff can then see job progress at every stage of the service request and pro-actively manage service levels via a configurable Gantt chart.

Additional Info

  • Screenshots


    Service Planning Screenshot
    Our Optimatics Gantt chart is dynamically linked with mobile applications and GPS tracking to give a single view of business activity in real-time.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Map based scheduling enables tasks to be allocated and reallocated based on actual performance, whilst the system optimises routes to minimise costs.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Hover over the Gantt for a detailed view of activity for every single customer service job and proactively manage jobs scheduled for the rest of the day.
    Service Planning Screenshot
    Collaboration of real-time information allows office based staff to see updates completed in the field instantly speeding up processes and invoicing.

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