10 reasons to choose Aeromark

Total Accountability

  • Aeromark have been at the forefront of field service management & workforce management technology innovation since 1990.
  • Unlike alternative providers, our technology infrastructure is robust as we design and manufacture the entire solution, taking full responsibility for the service so that you don’t have to deal with any third parties.

Financially Secure

  • Self-financing, privately owned and experienced, you can rest assured that we will be there to support you throughout your contract.

Agile Single Platform SaaS

  • Aeromark Optimatics is one of very few service management solutions that operate on a single platform; despite the claims of many providers.
  • Our single platform approach gives our customers a significant advantage when it comes to creating a highly effective operation as it provides total visibility throughout your business.
  • Single platform solutions allow simple changes to be implemented easily; where a change in one module will translate across all other modules of the solution making Aeromark Optimatics extremely agile.


  • Optimatics uses 3 dedicated, geographically separate data centres operating to ISO27001 standards. These data centres are wholly owned by Aeromark.
  • Each data centre is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with the ability for maintenance to occur without taking the system offline.

Product Roadmap

  • 11% of our turnover is invested back into research and development and as a customer you would automatically benefit from future developments to our solutions.
  • Through the development of our Optimatics smarter field service management solution, Aeromark is helping service-based businesses to achieve optimal business efficiency and unrivalled levels of customer service.

Continuous Improvement Programme

  • Whilst the value of many solutions decrease over time, Aeromark work closely with your business to improve efficiency; we have a comprehensive product road map and operate a continuous improvement programme to ensure our solutions deliver ongoing benefits.

Customer Focused Solutions

  • Our solutions are built around our customers, whilst we can offer streamlined processes and productivity improvement you should not have to adapt your business to fit your service management software.
  • Aeromark solutions can be configured to suit your business and your KPI requirements. We appreciate that each company is different and we work with you to ensure that you gain the maximum benefits from Aeromark Optimatics.

Integrated Modular Solutions

  • Optimatics comprises of four individual modules, Service & Asset Management, Workforce Scheduling, Mobile Apps, GPS Tracking. The four modules can be used independently and can also be seamlessly integrated together. Combined, the Optimatics modules provide one of the most powerful mobile workforce & field service management solutions available, delivering previously unattainable data and analytics that enable businesses to make game changing decisions and achieve optimum efficiency.
  • As our solutions are modular, so you only pay for the functionality you need. Our solutions will grow with your business giving you complete flexibility for future expansion.

We Give You More

  • All of our solutions have been designed with the customer in mind, to improve current processes and make your life easier.
  • Change is challenging for organisations updating their field service management softwares. We understand that and go the extra mile to make the change as simple as possible.
  • Our clients are busy people (which is why they need Optimatics), everything we do should be easy and intuitive to use and understand from contracts and presentations to the software itself.

Lifetime Warranty

  • We believe in our products and all of our technology is warranted for the life of the contract.

There are many more reasons to pick our smarter service management solution. Head to the Optimatics page to see more about our comprehensive solution.

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